Are you making the right moves?

Are you making the right moves?

Are you making the right moves?

Are you making the right moves? 760 350 Crew Connection

So your estimate just got accepted? Congrats! An accepted estimate means your project has a green light. You’re ready to roll. You’re good to go. You get the idea. (What’s that? You don’t know how to create an estimate?! Learn how here!)

As soon as you receive a notification (get a refresher on setting up notifications here!) that your estimate has been accepted, it will automatically be converted into a project. You can find that in, you guessed it, your Projects tab in Crew Connection. Your next step should be touching base with your client and crew to make sure all the final details are ironed out.

Are you making the right moves? CrewCloud estimates

What we want to dig into today is what to do if your project is rejected. Here’s how to handle a rejected estimate in a prompt and professional way.

First of all, the client will have to use Crew Connection to formally reject an estimate. Just like you, clients get busy. If it’s been a while since you’ve heard back on an estimate, send them a friendly Crew Connection message to remind them to either reject or accept your estimate so that things can move forward! Feel free to discuss changes with the client in Crew Connection, but unless they actually reject the estimate, you can’t make any edits.

If a client does reject your estimate, you’ll get a notification. Crew Connection requires the client to leave a reason why the project was rejected. If the project is simply canceled, you don’t have to do anything. If it’s something else—like a changed date, additional gear, a new location, etc.—you’ll need to edit the estimate to reflect the client’s request.

If you need a refresher on editing or creating an estimate, check out our tutorial here. Once you’ve made the client’s requested changes, you have to submit the estimate again so that the client can see it.

Crew Connection‘s smart estimates and messaging make it easy to get your project started. Sign up for free in just minutes. Read our full tips and tricks series here to improve your productivity and book more jobs.

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