• Crew Connection is a broker of video production crewing and creative services. Clients come to us in need of a service and we connect them with vetted, highly-qualified vendors all around the world. You can rest assured knowing you’re getting the best video crews and we also make the introduction, assist with logistics, and facilitate payments for your project. Easy peasy.

  • Crew Connection has a fully-operational, end-to-end platform where you can search for and book your service. We also have two full-time coordinators on call 24/7 to assist with your shoot in a personalized way if you’ve had enough technology for the day. Whether you want to hire a camera crew for a day, need a full international video production team, or have ongoing needs, we’ve got your back!

  • Crew Connection has 30 years of relationship building with its crew members from around the world. Our expert coordinators with backgrounds in television, videography, and film production are constantly on the lookout for new talent that meets the Crew Connection standard. Crew Connection obtains testimonials, recommendations, and work samples to ensure you’re getting the best professionals in the industry.

  • It’s free to use our service!

    Just like buying a car, the price of video and creative services varies based on the client’s needs. Crew Connection does not set or control rates. We simply pass along what our crews charge as industry-standard rates. Like any industry, services with rates higher than standard usually are not booked, so the rates are somewhat self-regulated. What we tell all of our clients is that If you can find cheaper rates for the same quality of work, go ahead and book! And then call us back and tell us who you worked with: We’ll want to work with them too!

    Crews may apply here and we’ll let you know if you pass our vetting process. As a broker of services, we work off of a standard finder’s fee/commission. In exchange for bringing work to the freelancer, Crew Connection receives 15% of the crew rates. Rather than a fee tacked on to the client, this is a percentage taken from the crew in exchange for matching them up with a client in need.

  • In addition to knowing you’re getting a rock-solid crew, we also guarantee payment to our crews within 30. That means when you call, they’re more likely to pick up—knowing their payment is secure.

  • Crew Connection is based in Denver, Colorado, and has been in business building freelancer relationships for over 30 years! Our sister company, PayReel, is an independent contractor payroll management company. Need help with your growing payroll needs? Just ask a Crew Connection coordinator and we’ll pass you along to our expert PayReel team.

  • Carrier pigeon, morse code, cell phone…we answer them all! You can reach us via our online chat at www.crewconnection.com, by phone at 720-531-9000, by email at info@crewconnection.com, and after hours (by text or phone) at 303-829-5895. You may also see us pop up on LinkedIn, ProductionHUB, and front and center on Google. We’re easy to get in touch with! Reach out and say hi!

  • Depending on your needs and the location of your shoot, we can book a crew as quickly as the next day! We encourage responsive, clear communication in order to get you what you need quickly. Aren’t sure what you need? We can help determine your needs based on your project. That’s what we’re here for! For simple shoots, it can be as fast as a few hours before we’re off and running—finding you the perfect videography professional for your project. After we find a video crew, we send you a project estimate to approve and pay for, at which point we then connect you with your crew and let you take over from there.

  • We’re global! We have professionals in almost every major city in the world. And if we don’t have a crew where you need one, we will find one!

  • Crew Connection maintains relationships with over 4,000 crews (and growing)!

  • All of our on-site crews are required to carry General Liability Insurance in order to be a member of our network. We encourage Workers Compensation insurance for larger crews. If your project requires GL and WC, let your coordinator know and we can accommodate. Some remote freelancers such as editors and graphic designers are not required to have General Liability, but if your project needs it, we can request that your crew or professional add on a short term policy for the duration of your project.

  • Absolutely! After you’ve entered your location, simply click enter “photographer” into the keyword search to see profiles for our vetted crews.