Book your crew with Crew Connection and get all this:

We unite personalized care with technology to make it easier to book crews.

Crew Connection delivers an unmatched dual solution: our online portal with an up-to-date global database of video and film crews and professionals, and our Crew Coordinators – video industry experts with decades of experience who meticulously handle all the details for you and give you back precious hours of your time.

Crew Connection makes it dramatically easier to book video crews anywhere, anytime.

Whether you need a Steadicam operator in South Bend, a drone pilot in Dublin, or a full camera crew in Fresno, Crew Connection makes the process easier, faster, and just plain better. Access our web-based portal with a complete and up-to-date global database that includes everything you need to make an informed decision. Even at 1 a.m. And here’s the amazing part: With the white glove service and expert advice provided by our Crew Coordinators, you will be able to have your shoot in place and ready to go first thing in the morning. We carefully handle every detail, just give us the word. Then kick back and relax.

Technology + human touch = fewer hassles, more freedom, and better outcomes.

No resource on earth combines online convenience with the human touch like Crew Connection. At every hour of the day and night, our online database of video crews and professionals is as up-to-date as it is complete. View demo reels, lists of gear, experience – everything you need to make the right choice, connect with candidates, and finalize details right there. Or if you prefer, have a Crew Coordinator search candidates, check availabilities, negotiate fees, and make sure nothing is left to chance, while you take care of whatever you’d rather do.

We give you over-the-top service on every assignment. At every hour.

Let’s say you’re like most clients who don’t want to devote needless time to booking a video crew. You know you have options. Why not go with the most experienced firm that also offers the most beneficial solutions, including the possibility of freeing you up by taking the entire task off your hands? We sift through reels, equipment lists, work history, references and insurance, to make sure you get your ideal crew. And we make ourselves available at all hours to you and your crew. Your super experienced Crew Coordinator thinks through the entire project, to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

We’re a resource you can trust – one known to be habit-forming.

Why does Crew Connection work with the biggest names in entertainment, news, and industry (plus many other great businesses)? And why do countless clients stay with us 5, 10, and 20+ years? Simple: From 30 years as a global leader in booking video crews and professionals, clients trust us. From booking all those crews in all those places, we’ve seen almost everything. Our unmatched level of experience means more goes right throughout the process. You get all the big benefits you’re after, including a project with fewer surprises and thus, less stress. As well as, in many cases, less spending than you originally thought you needed.

The Crew Connection process couldn’t be easier.

To dramatically simplify the booking process, use our technology solution with a complete international database, or our dedicated humans who free you up to do stuff you actually enjoy.

See why Fortune 500 businesses choose Crew Connection when booking video crews.