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How Current Freelance Trends Are Affecting Us

How Current Freelance Trends Are Affecting Us 2560 1706 Alicia East

Remote, freelance, and gig economy are not synonyms, but the Venn diagram does have some overlap. While freelancers often do work remotely, traditional permanent employees can also work remotely and of course, have increasingly done so in the previous two years. The term gig economy refers to short-term contract work and is often facilitated by apps. Some freelancers fall under the gig economy umbrella, but not all. No matter which umbrella each worker falls under, the combined effect of these trends has revolutionized the economy and prompted technological and legislative changes. Anything that goes through such an evolution is bound to come with growing pains and challenges.


In 2018, the ABC test changed the way workers are classified in California and had ripple effects throughout the business world. Most recently, the PRO Act is up for debate. The act, which has strong support among democrats and reaches across partisan lines to Marco Rubio would “make some of the most dramatic, and controversial, union-friendly changes to American labor law in decades.”

While its proponents say it’s “the most important piece of labor legislation in generations,” big business groups believe it will hurt businesses and workers alike. Whichever way this particular instance goes, it’s clear these trends will continue to affect legislation.

We’ll be watching this PRO Act and let you know how we see that changing things.


Technology that facilitated digital teamwork as wells as apps that facilitated the gig economy already had a solid hold before the pandemic, but it certainly accelerated and made things possible that weren’t previously. As the demand for digital solutions skyrocketed, productivity tools and online meeting platforms met the moment.

Benefits And Challenges

Whether it’s a main source of income or a side hustle, freelance income is continuing to represent a bigger slice of the pie (to the tune of 1.2 trillion!) for American workers. The gig economy is especially flexible and allows workers to supplement their income.  This is one slice of the economic pie that the government is trying to respond to–both to make sure it gets tax income and also to protect workers.

As the trend toward remote work increases, it can be harder for teams to function cohesively. While flexibility and freedom are cited as some of the main benefits to freelancing, they can be a double-edged sword. Finding enough work and having huge fluctuations in income is another challenge. Anyone with a home office will also tell you  how hard it can be to get work done when you’re in the same space as your laundry, your sink full of dishes, and your family life.

The Bottom Line

The times, they are a changing. We’ll help you keep up.


We relied on the following articles for this post.

A snapshot of the $1.2 trillion freelance economy in the U.S. in the age of Covid-19

Here’s how the PRO Act would impact freelance and gig workers

What Is the Gig Economy and How Will It Change the Future of Work?

Still Photographers, Drone Operators, & More!

Still Photographers, Drone Operators, & More! 2560 1709 Alicia East

If you’re here, you know you can count on Crew Connection to hook you up with a solid, vetted crew for your shoot(s). Our crews also offer a world of other media services. Whether you need someone to film, produce, and livestream for a hybrid event or you just need to book a still photographer for a day, our media professionals are here for you!

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Bottom Line

Crew Connection’s photographers have the skills to capture stills of everything from headshots to company parties and interiors/exteriors of buildings.

So next time you’re thinking about refreshing your team’s headshots, dreaming of a sweeping overhead shot to complete your vision, or producing a whole season of reality TV, think of Crew Connection first! We have your vetted and insured crews.

Crew Connection is your one-stop shop for video crewing, still photography, post production services and more. Check out our online database to make every aspect of your project quick, painless and, most importantly, high quality.

COVID-19 Vaccine: What to Expect

COVID-19 Vaccine: What to Expect 2560 1707 Alicia East

The first doses of the approved COVID-19 vaccine have now been administered and Dr. Fauci said, “we could really turn this thing around” by end of 2021. So what can you expect in the coming months?

Here’s what you can expect for business and travel as the vaccine rollout continues

Business: Employers don’t usually have authority over employees’ health decision, but because this virus is deemed a direct threat, they do have a leg to stand on legally if they want to implement a mandatory vaccine policy. That said, it’s still a tricky subject, especially in these early stages, while the vaccine is approved under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). Some may lean more towards encouraging the vaccine rather than requiring it, while also allowing exceptions in certain cases. Similar to the flu vaccine, some industries (i.e. healthcare) will be more likely to implement stricter policies. Get the full rundown here.

Travel: Many travelers have indefinitely hit pause on non-essential travel plans but may be itching to get out and see the world–or their families–again soon. Some destinations may require vaccinations in order to visit and some airlines have floated the idea of requiring them to fly. This post says the industry is unlikely to change much in the short term. Even as the vaccine rolls out and becomes more common, you can expect strict mask guidelines to continue, for example. Check the State DepartmentCDC, and International Air Transport Association to verify you’re meeting requirements.

Bottom Line

2020 may be coming to a close, but its effects will last well into 2021. Virtual meetings and events are still the name of the game. If you need help with yours, our online database has everyone you need to pull off a remote production/shoot/event. Search for remote roles or chat with a coordinator at 303-526-4900 and we’ll tell you how.

Net Now: The policy that saves you money

Net Now: The policy that saves you money 150 150 Alicia East

For small businesses, cash flow is king, queen, and the American dream. While big businesses’ budgets tend to be a little more forgiving, small businesses and contractors have much less room to handle delayed payments or unexpected expenses. That was in the best of times. And then came COVID-19. The entire world simultaneously shut down work, including projects in process, and started delaying bills.

As we all work out the challenges of working remotely, many are shifting more toward hiring contractors. Treat them right and it’s a win/win.

When you pay contractors quickly, they’re more likely to answer your calls and ramp up your projects quickly. For busy department heads with big projects and short turnaround times, there’s nothing better than diving right in with tried and true creative partners. Saving time, money, and hassle by working with people who just get what you’re looking for is priceless.

Pay contractors quickly or risk losing them

Internal processes, red tape, and backlogged accounting departments make it hard to get checks in the mail. We definitely understand. Unfortunately, your corporate freelance payment policy might prevent you from working with the best people. Top contractors get booked quickly. Paying them later than your competition can get you blacklisted or moved to the bottom of their long to-do list.

Put yourself in their shoes. Freelancers are single-handedly juggling creative work, billing, marketing, and more. That means the person who sees your invoice in their red column is the same one you’re expecting to bring their all to your next project. What seems like a small invoice to a big company can have a major effect on a small business’ cash flow. Net 90 is a common practice for large companies. But even though a lot of people do it, that doesn’t justify the shady practice.

Hire someone with systems in place

Paying contractors quickly is worth the investment. If it’s not feasible to transform your internal process, get a partner involved. You get the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll always be in good standing with contractors. With PayReel, you also get the bonus of pre-vetted workers who are always available at a moment’s notice.

Hiring contractors is a beautiful thing: It gives you a fresh perspective and talent without having to bring on full-time team members. Just make sure you do it right. Going from Net 90 to Net Now will save you time, keep you in good standing with contractors, and ensure you can feel good about the way you do business. Rather than trying to save Benjamins up front, take Benjamin Franklin’s advice and “Wrong none by doing injuries, or omitting the benefits that are your duty.”

Lights, camera, face masks: Video production during COVID-19

Lights, camera, face masks: Video production during COVID-19 600 450 Alicia East

Video people are some of the most resourceful on the planet. They can make a tripod out of a water bottle, block daylight with blankets and gaff tape, and simulate a rolling dolly shot with a shopping cart. Plus, they already carry a sherpa-load of gear, so adding a few sanitizing wipes and face masks to their essential gear list is no big deal. 

While we haven’t faced a challenge quite like a global pandemic before, every single crew knows what it’s like to make adjustments on the fly. We are no strangers to curveballs. The show, as they say, must go on. 

Production practices our Crew Connection video crews are adopting in the COVID-19 landscape

Limiting people on set

Much of production has to happen in person, but reducing the number is doable. For example, Yuki Uemura has producers ask questions remotely either by phone or teleprompter. The latter is especially helpful because it gives the talent a person to look at. 

Despite major advancements in the quality of footage, we’ve spent years fighting the battle to convince people that they can’t simply point their iPhone at something and get the quality they want. Still, a client’s self-filmed interview filmed on a phone can protect a lot of people. If a client goes this route, provide them with basic tips (film horizontally in a well-lit location, stabilize the camera on a surface at eye level, etc.) to ensure you get something you won’t mind putting your name on. Similarly, for b-roll, you can produce/direct remotely.

There’s a level of production that DIYers aren’t going to create with their cameras at home, but even primetime shows are scaling back production. Viewers understand and you can still deliver videos you feel proud of. Think of it as the acoustic version of your favorite song.

A cost/return analysis changes when the cost could be someone’s health.

Safety on set

For those who have to be on set, we can still cover the basics such as wearing face masks and gloves (except while being filmed), having plenty of hand sanitizer, taking scheduled hand-washing/equipment-sanitizing breaks, social distancing whenever possible, having individual catering boxes, etc. Most states, including Georgia, have compiled a list of best practices. Whenever possible, shooting outdoors while social distancing is an excellent option.


It’s hard to beat a lav mic’s quality, but right now, switching to a boom is preferable. If you must use a lav mic, be sure to sanitize it well between use.

Much of the equipment that makes virtual production and/or social distancing easier on-set is in short supply at the moment. For example, we heard from Allen Rosen that a Black Magic piece “that will allow me to do Zoom, YouTube, or Facebook live from one of our field cameras” has been back-ordered for a month. He also reported that small, remotely-controlled webcams are hard to get right now. Apparently, gear that enhances distance filming is the toilet paper of our industry. 


The fancy editing suites are nice, but damn, you can do a lot on a laptop. The fact that post-production lends itself well to working from home is one of the biggest blessings of our industry during the COVID-19 era. If “The Last Dance” can shift from their fancy-pants editing facilities to at-home production, you probably can, too. 

We’ll likely be turning to post-production even more than usual to simulate crowd shots or otherwise solve problems creatively. 

Larger productions 

This article talks about two larger-scale productions that moved forward with extra measures in places. “Katla” crew members wore color-coded armbands that dictated where they were allowed to be on set.

While instant testing would be even more helpful, the “Katla” team found daily temperature checks effective. The article noted, “Two crew members who went to the set with elevated temperatures wound up testing positive for Covid-19. They were both sent home to self-isolate for two weeks, and no one else became infected.”

What about the cost? 

The extras—from gloves and masks to individual catering and of course, new equipment—are going to mean some additional costs, but if the alternative is to halt everything or to wait indefinitely, those costs are justifiable.  

The crew (plus their families and a dog) of a Stephen King adaptation (also described in the above article) self-isolated in a remote farm town for the entire production. According to the producer, “The extra precautions added at least 20% to the initial $10 million budget,” but also made “this whole thing possible.” 

The cost to the environment is painful, too. Just as sustainability on set was starting to get some traction, productions have shifted to single-use makeup, individual boxed lunches, disposable masks/gloves, and more. Sorry, Mother Earth. 

Bottom Line

There is no roadmap for this, but we will get through it. And like everything these days, we’ll find some silver linings along the way. The best practices from the CDC as well as those specifically for video production provide more of a compass. Use that compass as your guide and adjust. Whether it’s figuring out how to balance homeschooling while working from home or making a DIY dolly, we know how to adapt. We’re creatives: It’s what we do! 

Find a crew following COVID-19-era best practices here. Crew Connection is standing by to help.

Pictured: Movie Mogul Productions on a PopSockets brand shoot.

Time to get outside and grow some stuff!

Time to get outside and grow some stuff! 2560 1920 Alicia East

You’ve baked a cake from scratch. You’ve lost too many hours of your life to Tiger King. You have a jar of sourdough starter on the counter. You know what it’s time for? Something (anything) outside. You could take advantage of this rare period of time when you’re not driving through the Chick-fil-a on your way to soccer practices and take a walk with your quarancrew. Do it in a place where you can keep practicing social distancing, though! You could forage for mushrooms (but only after educating yourself on the subject, please). Better yet: you could grow some food in your yard, on your patio, or even on your counter!

If you’re thinking about producing some of your own food, you’re not alone. Some seed companies are short on stock and local nurseries are running out of starter plants. There are still options though and you don’t even need a traditional garden with rows or some ambitious plan to feed your family for a year. Even people with a small patio or simply a sunny windowsill can produce a satisfying crop at home.

Here are 5 ways to produce your own food (even without a big yard).

  1. Raised bed plots: This is a great option to get you outdoors and growing a few goodies with minimal investment of time and energy. You can grow a surprising amount of food in a 4×4 plot and you don’t even have to tear up your yard. If you find you love it, you can add new plots next year. Here’s an intro to the method of Square Foot Gardening.
  2. Potted porch plants: Without any yard at all, you can grow some herbs, greens, and maybe even a few tomato plants right on your back porch or patio. Herbs are a great place to start because they cost so much in the store and go bad quickly once harvested. Growing your own means you can step outside for a breath of fresh air and come in with a handful of aromatics. Bonus: you’re less likely to forget about something you see regularly than a plot in the corner of your yard. No porch? We got you, too! 👇
  3. Sunny windowsill: Some plants–especially herbs like basil and mint–thrive without the traditional requirements. To avoid disappointment, look for varieties that do well indoors before you buy.
  4. Indoor growing systems: You can invest in a system like this one with lights and the capacity to grow dozens of plants at a time or you can get a small tabletop aquaponic system to grow some greens and entertain your kids at the same time. The large systems require a big upfront cost and regular nutrients, but the big bonus is that you can do this year-round. The small systems aren’t especially economical for the amount of food you get, but some say the experience is priceless. Plus right now, Back to the Roots is offering 30% (code LOVEMOM30) off with a mother’s day special.
  5. Indoor/outdoor fruits: We saved the most ambitious for last. Even if your climate isn’t known for growing fruit, you may be able to grow fruit trees in pots. Many of these grow well indoors most of the well and benefit from being outside during summer months.

This is admittedly a departure from our usual topics, but after weeks of hunkering down indoors, Crew Connection felt it was time to talk about doing something (anything) outside. (Of course, if you need to contact a video crew, give us a call!) While a big perk of gardening is of course the good clean food you’ll harvest, it also carries the bonus perks of helping you get a little exercise. Whether you’re concerned about food security or simply want to have the yard you’ve dreamed of, now is a good time to get out and grow some stuff.

A Message from Crew Connection

A Message from Crew Connection 814 429 Alicia East

We’re all hurting

From crews in Alaska to clients down under, we’re in touch with people around the globe. One thing has become clear through our communications: We’re all hurting right now. The impact of COVID-19 has been felt by individuals, families, professionals, and companies across the globe.

We will make it through

Despite the challenges, our communities are resilient. Crew Connection brings people together. Our network of crews tells stories, reports news, and pushes limits with original content. While our location scouts are not very busy, our editors are still humming along. Our producers are planning the next impactful project and our Coordinators are on hand – ready to help with your live streams.

We’re here for you

We have strengthened our relationships with our at-home workforce of editors, motion graphics designers, and producers. We have our finger on the pulse of local permissions that allow news crews to get out there. As you navigate the challenges of COVID-19, please reach out with any questions and concerns. During times of crisis, people turn to the media for information, comfort, and entertainment. Crew Connection and our experienced video crews are and will continue to be here for the artists around the world who are creating and informing our global community.

Stay safe and healthy!

Fight like a girl: Must-see heroine flicks

Fight like a girl: Must-see heroine flicks 2560 1440 Dani Lyman

Your seasonal movie update is here! Spring has arrived with its scattered storm showers and that means a slew of Blockbuster-sized flicks are about to hit theaters. This season studios continued to follow the franchise trend by expanding the James Bond, Fast and Furious, along with the Marvel and DC universes. However, there is a stark and exciting contrast this season to previous years. Numerous female-driven action and thriller films will be occupying screens across the country.

Fan favorite heroines (and a few new ones) are kicking butt and taking names from super villains, diabolic spirits and creepy dudes this spring. 

Strong female leads are making a comeback in these dark, twisty fun films–encouraging audiences to get out of the rain and fight like a girl!

Here’s our guide to the must-see kickass flicks this spring:

Black Widow

Marvel fans rejoice! The highly-anticipated film dedicated solely to beloved character Nastasha Romanoff is finally here. Scarlett Johanson reprises her role as the ultimate operative, alongside a star studded cast including Robert Downey Jr., William Hurt, Rachel Weisz and Stranger Things breakout star David Harbour. According to, this movie will hit theaters May 1st.

Wonder Woman 1984

Gal Gadot returns as the wildly-intelligent, captivating and other-worldly Wonder Woman, but this time, in 1980’s glam. Following the popularity of Netflix’s Stranger Things and GLOW, 1984 brings bright makeup, jazzercise, and shoulder pads to the DC universe. In a brilliant casting choice, the always-entertaining Kristen Wigg plays the villain, Cheetah. Fans can line up for this film on June 5th.

The New Mutants

Anya Taylor-Joy leads this pack of familiar faces into unfamiliar territory in the final installment of the X-men series. This film is sure to drive in X-men fans and new recruits as favorites Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) and Charlie Heaton (Stranger Things) join the epic franchise. The New Mutants is scheduled for release April 4th


Produced by creative horror genius Guillermo Del Toro and acclaimed director Scott Cooper, Antlers promises a terrifying nightmare of the supernatural kind. Keri Russell stars as a school teacher on a mission to uncover a dark secret that is plaguing a small Oregon town and targeting a young student. This film has all the horror movie essentials: jump scares, small towns and, of course–children. How much do you want to bet that the haughty sheriff gets on the wrong side of an antler? Antlers premieres on April 17th.

Promising Young Woman

This controversial thriller was produced by Margot Robbie and it has her badass, seductive tough-girl brand written all over it. Carrie Mulligan stars as a huntress on the prowl for sexual predators in order to inflict a painful and violent justice and she looks pretty good doing it. She is a new kind of anti-hero challenging current cultural hot topics like toxic masculinity, feminism, #MeToo and rape culture. Due to graphic images and extremely mature content, this flick is definitely not family friendly. Non-squeashim adults can get their tickets on April 17th.

It is fantastic to see so many female stars dominating the big screen this season and it looks like there is something for everyone. So, grab your rain boots and head to the nearest cinema to support your favorite heroine.  


Make more money with these video production toys

Make more money with these video production toys 2560 1707 Dani Lyman

If you’re like most video production crews, you have a hefty wishlist of toys that will make your job easier, more fun, or more profitable. If you’re ready to break your piggy bank and invest in your business, we have insider tips for this year’s most vital video production toys on the market.

I went directly to the source to get the rundown on all the current must-have products. My good frienda tech savvy video professional who works with some of the biggest clients around the worldgave me a few insider tips for getting the most bang for your buck.

Here are his recommendations for quality equipment that every pro should have in their cage in the New Year.


The Deity V- Mic D3 and D3 Pro don’t just sound cool and trendy, they are cool and trendy. Deity basically makes the iPhone of microphones. They’re smarter, sleeker, and more diverse than other mics and are sure to make you the envy of all your video pro friends.

Deity has been in the business of making badass mics for years. The D3s aren’t new to the market, but they are still fan favorites and the Pro was picked for 2018 Personal View’s Best Product Award. One thing I’ve learned through my professional experience is nothing kills a project faster than bad sound. On the flip side, a great microphone can take your production quality to the next level. And with a rep like Deity’s, I’d say the D3 is worth the investment.


You can’t have a great microphone without a great mixer. To accompany that nifty little microphone is the Sound Devices MixPre II Mixer. This durable and compact mixer is one of the more user-friendly mixers on the market and is versatile enough to work on film and video locations, in studios for music or podcasts and is perfect for post needs like voice-overs and SFX.

Check out Sound Devices website for all the geek knowledge that will have you nerding out over this tiny toy that packs a big punch.


Mac Pro. I know, I know, I’m back at it with the Apple Products. But I’ve been around the block in the video world for a hot minute and nothing offers the ease of use, the symbolic relationship between products, and the high caliber apps and accessories like Apple. So when my friend recommended the new Mac Pro as a must have to accomplish all business and creative goals for 2020, I was sold.

While it hasn’t been on the market long, customers are already posting rave reviews from its sleek new appearance to its functionality and powerful capabilities best suited for tech professionals.

For an extremely in-depth look at the new features and user experience check out this (slightly lengthy) video:


For more video product reviews, must-haves and insights check out this popular Youtube Series by DSLR Video Shooter.

Finally, one FREE way for video production crews to take their business to a new level

It’s expensive to do what you do. We get it. But you don’t have to break the bank for this one. Simply apply to become a crew on Crew Connection’s vetted database for high-quality bookings that always, always pay within 30 days.

7 Sundance films that defined a generation

7 Sundance films that defined a generation 2560 1707 Dani Lyman

The Sundance Film Festival is the mecca of indie films. Filmmakers across the globe craft their visual masterpieces in the hopes of getting recognized and being awarded the prestigious label of “Official Selection.”

The films chosen to be screened at Sundance have a unique voice, a definitive style and a message that both speak to and defines a generation. Their titles become imprinted in our brains, their provocative and controversial content keeps us talking (or arguing) for decades, and their messages leave such an impression that they can change the way we view the world, our food and even ourselves.

7 films Sundance introduced to my generation that shaped us, spoke to us and changed us

Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Bloody, rough around the edges, violent and brutally funny, Reservoir Dogs was the 90’s Mean Streets. In 1992, Todd McCarthy for Variety Magazine called it “A show-off piece of filmmaking that will put writer-director Quentin Tarantino on the map.” He could not have been more accurate: Tarantino has since become a permanent and celebrated fixture in Hollywood and pop culture.

Hoop Dreams (1994)

This moving documentary (with a rare 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes) follows two inner-city teenagers enrolled in an elite basketball program at a predominately white school. Hoop Dreams honestly explores the many contrasts between the two worlds along with the dreams and challenges that pulled those worlds together. The film stands out as a piece of history that chronicles racial tension, economic status, and social issues that were specific to the early ’90s but still endure in American culture.

The Usual Suspects (1994)

Keyser Söze. The name speaks for itself. If it doesn’t ring a bell, then I don’t want to ruin it for you. But I can promise you this cool, fresh and twisty thriller will not disappoint. It is a must-see film, although we’ll never be able to see any of our one-time favorites with Kevin Spacey in quite the same way again.

Saw (2004)

Horror movies have never been the same after the release of this visual nightmare. Saw was the birth of the new Villian—Jigsaw—of a new franchise and a new genre of films boldly labeled “torture porn.” Although the Saw franchise has many of us rolling our eyes these days, the original film was incredibly daring and original. It stuck with you, got under your skin and haunted your thoughts. More than 15 years later you can still hear the cringe as people groan, “Ah, the part with foot.” For better or for worse, Saw definitely left its mark.

Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

Napoleon Dynamite is the epitome of a film that was made for a specific time and a specific generation. Its quirkiness, its theme and its glorification of “the nerd” illuminates the changing landscape of comedy in the early 2000s. Much like Cheech and Chong, Freaks and Geeks and American Pie, it was a defining moment in comedy. If you didn’t get it, you weren’t ever going to get it. You were likely a minute too old, too young or just not cool enough, gosh!

Supersize Me (2004)

Millennials were a generation raised on McDonald’s, so when filmmaker Morgan Spurlock chose to expose the toxicity of the fast-food giant, it was devastating to us chicken-nugget-addicted young-ins. However, the nasty truth inspired viewers to consider the food they were consuming and its effects on the body and the planet. Supersize Me paved the way for a slew of food-conscious websites, books and groundbreaking documentaries like Food Inc., Fed Up, Forks Over Knives and That Sugar Film.

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

By the time Little Miss Sunshine arrived on the screen, Millenials were inundated with violence, competitive reality TV shows and endless images of wealth and beauty we would likely never attain. We needed a break. And that break came in the form of Olive Hoover—a chubby and awkward seven-year-old with big dreams. The trailer offers a taste of her journey to win the coveted title of Little Miss Sunshine. She and her family warm our hearts (and then break them), make us laugh, make us cry and remind us what truly matters in life. Hint: it’s not looks, success or fame.

Bonus: This year’s standouts

This year’s Sundance Film Festival continued its tradition of debuting many challenging and artistic films. Notably, On the Record is timely, controversial and poignant. The documentary addresses allegations of sexual assault in the music industry attempt to uncover the truth of the hip hop world and explores accusations against music mogul Russell Simmons. In the generation of the #MeToo movement, the controversy surrounding the film is just as critical to discuss as the film itself. Oprah Winfrey was set to be the Executive Producer, but withdrew her support citing “creative differences” and was concerned about “inconsistencies” in stories from accusers.

This controversial decision brings to light the issues we are currently facing in America. We are asking how we support victims while also ensuring we uphold our nation’s tradition of proving guilt. How do we safeguard victims when they come forward while also ensuring we do not let false allegations ruin an innocent man’s reputation? The answers aren’t simple. As our nation stands divided on so many issues, this film is sure to spark discussion and debate on the Twittersphere and will be remembered as another historical moment in the film.
On a more upbeat side note, this list would not be complete without mentioning Andy Samberg’s massive success this year. Samberg’s comedy Palm Springs broke records becoming the biggest sale in Sundance history and outsold 2016’s The Birth of a Nation by 69 cents! Only a comedian can make a joke out a 17 million dollar deal. Check out his negotiating antics here.

Ready to try your hand at breaking into Sundance? Find a video crew to make your dreams come true

One of the benefits of film festivals is that they bring at least some level of democracy to the process of getting movies in front of eyeballs. Anyone can make something and, in theory, the strongest films get air time and a chance to be seen. Ready to make yours? Find a video crew to make your dreams come true.