Your money, even faster: Get paid easier and faster with Crew Connection

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Your money, even faster: Get paid easier and faster with Crew Connection

Your money, even faster: Get paid easier and faster with Crew Connection 1280 795 Crew Connection

That first drone flight, that interview with one of your favorite musicians, that rush you get from living out your passion every day—working in video and post-production is fun. Invoicing is not.

Here are some Crew Connection best practices that’ll help you get paid easier and faster so you can spend more time reveling in that new-gear smell.


Get familiar with the process

You will be paid within 30 days from the date you upload your invoice to Crew Connection. The later you upload it or the more versions you have to upload, the longer it will take after your shoot is wrapped to get paid.


Consistency is key

Once the estimate you created is approved by your client, it becomes a project. You can then easily base your invoice off of that project. If you base your invoice off of your project every time, we’ll likely have fewer questions for you and more time to cut your check.

Need a refresher on creating an estimate? Click here.)


Work smarter

When you’re creating your next estimate, notice how we lump together items like transportation, tolls, etc. under the “Travel Expenses” bucket and additional gear rentals, hard drives, etc. under the “Gear” bucket. Feel free to use that same organization technique when it comes to your invoices. After all, we know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


Tally it up

Be sure to include your preliminary total, less our finder’s fee, and your net on every invoice. Not sure what we take commission on? Get the scoop here.


Hard work always pays off

And in fact, it pays off even faster when you include the additional hours that you worked, like 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.


Provide proof of purchase(s)

Spent some extra cash on the job? Include those lunch, parking, and other receipts as pages of your invoice or as separate “invoices” for the same project.


You’re so close!

Uploading your invoice on Crew Connection is the fastest way to get it in front of our crew coordinators and get you paid. It’s easy. Promise.


There you have it! Even though we built our online database to make getting paid fast and easy already, these little tips will set you up for success from your very first estimate.


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