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Safety Designations to Prevent Injuries and Deaths

Safety Designations to Prevent Injuries and Deaths 1181 1181 Alicia East

The film ‘Rust’ will always have a dark cloud hanging over it. It wasn’t the first completely preventable gun death on a set but with proper training and safety considerations, it absolutely should be the last. Accidents like this don’t happen without a number of failures along the way. In fact, it’s hard to think of it as a true accident considering the many faulty procedures and missteps.

Whether you will ever be on a set with a gun, you always have safety considerations for everything from COVID to filming from a moving vehicle.

To Keep Your Camera Crew Safe

1. Get Proper Permissions

One of the foundational safety considerations is to get proper permits and permissions for where and when you’ll film. Cutting corners in this way led to what the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) called an “entirely preventable” death in 2014. Sarah Jones, a young camera assistant, was struck and killed by a train in 2014 while working on the set of “Midnight Rider.” For their part in her death, filmmakers faced criminal charges and the production company and individuals faced fines. A jury awarded $11.2 million to Jones’ family. The director of “Midnight Rider,” Randall Miller, pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in her death.

Midnight Rider filmmakers had been denied permission to film on the tracks but took what they likely believed was low risk and filmed there anyway. When you’re dealing with safety, the stakes are just too high to make your own rules.

2. Hire Crew With Appropriate Training

Depending on your production, you’ll need crew members with different levels of training. A property (prop) master handles everything from wigs to firearms, each of which will require a different level of training. You must also consider additional safety designations if your set will include pyrotechnics, filming from a moving vehicle, or filming underwater. In addition, even small shoots need to consider COVID compliance. Bigger shoots need a COVID compliance officer. 

3. Consider Temperatures

Winter is coming and with it, cooler temperatures. Provide shelter and breaks as needed. Similarly, in the hottest months of the year, staying compliant with OSHA’s guidelines to provide water, rest, and shade keeps workers from getting a heat-related illness. It also prevents them from missing work and you from getting fined.

Bottom Line

Budget constraints should never hinder safe practices. Measures such as on-set medics, COVID compliance officers, street closures and more are necessities, not luxuries. If you don’t have the funds or resources to keep your camera crew safe, you don’t have a project.

Need a Crew?

Our crew coordinators are on call around the clock and can help you find the crew that is trained for your needs. Sign In to Crew Connection, call 303-526-4900, or email to find exactly what you need.

Less Obvious Etiquette for Video Calls

Less Obvious Etiquette for Video Calls 2560 1709 Alicia East

If you don’t know why we’re revisiting this, well, bless you. But sometimes the things you think go without saying need to be said. I guess? But really. We’ve gathered some resources to help you be your best self on your work calls and there are probably a few things you haven’t thought of.


Treat video calls like in-person meetings

You wouldn’t eat or do your laundry or stare at yourself in the mirror during an in-person meeting. So give your full attention to your call and look at the camera, not the screen (i.e. yourself). We all understand that there can be additional challenges and distractions when you’re working from home and I say this as someone whose kids have walked through my calls. But if you can be ready to offer a thoughtful response when your name is called and you can make arrangements to keep the time kid-free, you’ll stand apart. It’s a way to show your commitment. And even if no one else knows you’re folding laundry, I guarantee your inattention will show up at some point and in some way.

Spend a little time setting up the shot

This isn’t about vanity. It’s more about looking alive and not being a distraction. An external camera allows you to look straight ahead, which is more natural, and more flattering, too. Sit close enough to the camera that participants see more of you than your room. It’s been an interesting phenomenon to see colleagues’ and celebrities’ and politicians’ homes, no doubt. But it’s a better experience for your co-participants if you’re the main attraction.

Consider lighting. You can go so far as to set up a nice selfie ring if you want. At a minimum, make sure you’re not right in front of a window and position yourself to avoid a halo from your can lights. I’ll be reworking my own lighting situation for the sake of my meeting mates.

Bottom Line

Don’t pull a Toobin. We shouldn’t have to list every single thing you shouldn’t do on camera or when you might possibly be on camera. You can invest in a camera cover or you can simply use a piece of tape. Use a post-it note if you must. Even if you think you’re muted. Even if you think you’re hidden or your camera is covered. If you wouldn’t do it in the office, don’t do it on a call. If you don’t want your mom or your kid reading about it on social media, don’t do it on a video call.  Think of it this way: When you’re on a work call, you’re at work. 

Insider Tips to Choose the Best DP for Your Project

Insider Tips to Choose the Best DP for Your Project 2048 1536 Dani Lyman

There is no relationship more significant than that between the Director and the Cinematographer. The setup can bring a synergy to the project, ignite passion on set and bring a vision to life. Or it can completely demolish a production with egos, tension and conflicting vision.

These Director-Cinematographer duos have learned how to work together and create award-winning masterpieces by relying on a few simple principles that apply as well on a small production as they do in Hollywood.

Martin Scorsese and Rodrigo Prieto

After working on three consecutive films together, Martin Scorsese and Rodrigo Prieto have formed a special bond. Their work in Wolf of Wall Street, Silence and The Irishman has led to multiple Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations, proving these two men have figured out the key to a successful working relationship.

When reading through endless positive quotes from both Scorsese and Prieto, one major theme stands out: respect. Mutual respect for each other’s talent, vision and roles on set has helped to create an ongoing and rewarding professional dynamic.

Prieto has said, “I really love interpreting his ideas and bringing his designs onto the screen.” This brief statement represents the heart of a true DP. Prieto understands that it is his job to bring the Director’s vision to life and feels no need to overstep his bounds and force his own vision onto the project. And he’s excited to do it because he believes in his director and his director believes in him.

Quentin Tarantino and Robert Richardson

Quentin Tarantino is the household name, but he’s just one of the Hollywood giants in this duo. Richardson has an Oscar of his own for his work on JFK and he’s collaborated with other industry heavyweights like Martin Scorsese and Oliver Stone. As a seasoned veteran, he could easily let his ego be front and center. Instead, Richardson has been quoted as saying “Quentin knows what he wants. He has the idea and then we accomplish that.”

Tarantino, in turn, has had to check his ego at the door and trust the experienced and technical eye to “one of the greatest cinematographers in the world.” In an interview with Indie Wire, Tarantino admitted that he had to surrender his extremely specific ideas and allow for alterations from Richardson. “It’s taken me a few movies with him to not fight him about, ‘Ok, it’s better for us to go this way, as opposed to that way,’” said Tarantino. “I get it now. I fought with him before about that s#%t.”

The talented pair have now collaborated on five films together, including 2019’s celebrated Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Their ability to communicate, trust and respect each other while bringing complicated and dynamic visual films to life has led to great success, including several Golden Globe and Oscar nominations, as well as the Cinematographer-Director Duo Award presented by Cameraimage.

What do these dynamic duos have in common?

These masters of cinema have been able to push their egos aside and find filmmaking partners who can bring out the very best in their work.

Choosing the best DP for your next music video, indie film, or marketing video comes down to these simple principles:

  • Choose a DP who is excited by your vision and believes in your talent. Be sure your next DP is someone who trusts you and wants to elaborate on your creative vision, not mold the project into their own.
  • Choose a DP you trust based on their previous work. Your DP should have the technical skills needed to achieve the look you have in your mind.
  • Choose a DP who you can communicate with in an open and precise manner. Be sure it’s someone who will ask questions if they don’t understand and will speak to you with respect, especially on-set in front of talent and crew.
  • And, perhaps most importantly, choose to work with a DP that you respect.

One tool makes choosing everything from a DP to a full video production crew a whole lot easier

If you are want to find a DP you can build an ongoing relationship with, Crew Connection is an excellent source. Every video production crew member on Crew Connection’s vetted database has been personally vetted by our crew coordinators and you can rest assured they have chops. From there, you can browse reels to find just the right match for your project.




Don’t fall for this common video marketing myth!

Don’t fall for this common video marketing myth! 2560 1709 Dani Lyman

We’re all about tackling obstacles that get in the way of your success. Turns out there’s a persistent, pernicious myth out there that might be hindering you without you even knowing it. But before we get to that, a story:

I recently visited the website of a product I had heard great things about it and was really excited to try. It was a 6-month commitment and I wanted to make sure I was making a sound financial investment. I clicked on their videos to learn more about their services. I am so glad I did.

They. were. terrible.

Scary terrible. Scary like: Is this a scam? How could a company with a good reputation not be able to afford a decent 3-minute video? I passed on the purchase and I had to wonder how many other potential customers were lost over that no good, very bad video.

Video technology is quickly advancing and it plays a major role in acquiring and maintaining a client base, but it has to be done well.

Here are three strategies to incorporate into your video marketing plan to stay on trend and attract new clients in 2020

Personalized Videos

Personalized videos (PVs) aren’t new, but they are predicted to really take off in 2020. Customers are looking for engagement. They want to know who the company is they are doing business with and they want to feel known in return. Personalized videos are an excellent and creative way to help your customers feel seen, understood and important to your business. There is something special about seeing your name, photos or interests reflected in a video. Barclays, a Crew Connection client, produced a PV that manages to take something as complicated and impersonal as lending services and create a feeling of trust, engagement and true connection. How can you share the same feeling and personalize your next video?

Instagram Stories

Social Media is THE WAY to attract / interact with clients and maintain their loyalty. And now it’s easier than ever to engage users through do-it-yourself, simple Instagram stories. This doesn’t require hiring a crew, complicated post-production or rehearsed performances. With a phone and a message they care about, you can entertain, inform and captivate users in seconds. Stories also provide that personalized connection this generation of consumers is craving. They get to learn more about you while also being offered the immediate opportunity to contribute feedback through emojis and comments.

For a more detailed look at expanding your brand through Instagram Stories check out this great marketing article by Neil Patel.

Long-Form Videos (ready to bust that myth?)

For years, we have been hearing that the attention span of the human race has dwindled down to mere seconds. We’ve been told our videos need to be thirty seconds or three minutes… tops. I’ve always found this to be a little insulting, but it was the (very persistent) word on the street and I went with it. However, study after study is busting that myth. Turns out human beings are not only capable of watching longer videos, but that they can actually be really interested in that video… if the video is interesting. That, of course, is the key.

Long-form videos are an opportunity to tell a story and take potential customers on a journey where they sense the purpose of your brand and feel something. Feel connected to people, a greater cause, nature, themselves… you.

This is where you really need a professional crew. This is when you need the DP who can execute powerful and cinematic shots, the soundtrack that inspires, the editor who understands the emotional impact of a perfect cut and the producer who can put it all together. This is where you want to put your money, so budget appropriately.

Senior Digital PR Executive at Click Consult, Daniel Sarath, said, “The rise of long-form video content is one of the key changes we expect to see in 2020” and he believes this beautifully shot and well-executed video by Patagonia is the long-form video to aspire to.

Want to incorporate one or more of these video trends into your marketing strategy for 2020? Crew Connection can help you hire a video crew to get the job done.

Good luck and welcome to 2020!

About Crew Connection

Crew Connection can help you hire a video crew and put a suite of marketing tools at your fingertips. Get your demo reels, stills, gear, awards, and more in front of the biggest clients all over the world—for free. At Crew Connection, we pay video and post-production providers within 30 days of receiving your invoice so your work and your life are never interrupted. Need live assistance or want to add quality jobs to your pipeline? Our crew coordinators are on call around the clock. Sign in to Crew Connection, call 303-526-4900, or email

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3 Tips to a Standout Documentary

3 Tips to a Standout Documentary 2560 1707 Dani Lyman

I recently binged watched Andrew Jarecki’s six part documentary, The Jinx, on HBO and I was enthralled. Most of us had heard of Robert Durst before.  We’d seen headlines and heard rumors, maybe even watched Jarecki’s first film about Durst, All Good Things, but we had never seen him like this.  Here, the monster, the murderer, is now a small, awkward old man shifting in his seat uncomfortably while Jarecki tries to pry the truth out of his decades of silence… and we’re never quite sure we get it.

Documentaries are about truth. They are visual essays intended to share knowledge, perspective and enlighten an audience. They are created by people who have a story that HAS to be told. The passion runs so deep they bury themselves in paperwork and evidence half a century old and surrender their own time, money and resources to share the story with the world.

In some cases, these stories are revolutionary and groundbreaking, in others, they are eye-opening and thought-provoking. In any case, great documentaries contain 3 key elements to keep your viewer hooked.


Who cares? Before you delve into the depths of creating your own documentary you have to ask yourself, “Who cares about this topic?” Followed by “How can I make people care?” Much like writing a screenplay or marketing a business, you must be sure you’re telling the story in a way that makes the viewer care. When they are mindlessly flipping through the endless possibilities on Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, Sling, etc., what is it about your documentary that stands out among the crowd?

The intrigue element speaks to our intellect. It says we will gain new knowledge about how to drop weight quickly and revolutionize our health. It promises we can learn new tools for success in the business world. It says we are going to learn the answer to a question we didn’t even know we had.

Intrigue makes the viewer press select on YOUR documentary.



Now that you’ve posed the question, you must reveal an answer. You need to reveal a new truth by providing new evidence on a cold case, new findings for a study or a new perspective on an old topic.

The way and order you reveal the truth of your story, the way you personalize it and the way you present new information is how you hook the viewer. Building up the tension, hinting at what comes next, foreshadowing the breakthrough or demise of your characters and finding that pivotal piece makes a human connection.

If intrigue speaks to our intellect, then reveal speaks to our emotions. Fear. Empathy. Outrage.  That’s how you get viewers to binge Making a Murderer and then spread the word on social media, to friends, and around the water cooler.


A solid documentary inspires the audience to ask more questions long after it’s over.

Did he really do it? Was that UFO only a military experiment? If I become a Keto Vegan can I take over the world?

As a truth-seeking storyteller, your job is to present the most accurate information in a meaningful and visually interesting way to your viewer and then trust them to take it from there. Is there a call to action? Should the viewer donate to a charity? Should they vote on an upcoming bill? Or are you simply hoping to satisfy a curiosity or inspire a thought-provoking discussion over a bottle of wine?

If your documentary doesn’t inspire the viewer to ask more questions, you may be doing it wrong.

The foundation of documentaries is truth. What truth do you need to tell?

Crew Connection – A Film Crewing Company

Crew Connection is a film crew company that helps you find and hire a video crew team for your event. The crew connection team is on call to help you 24/7. We offer many options: sign in today at Crew Connection, fill out our contact form, call 303-526-4900, or email us at

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How to turn your house into a horror set

How to turn your house into a horror set 4608 3072 Dani Lyman

That time of the year has finally arrived! Crisp fall leaves, foggy nights, a deranged serial killer hiding behind every corner. It’s Halloween! This is the perfect time of year to bring your love for theatrics to life by adding some spooky accessories to your front porch or using the natural ambiance to shoot that horror film you’ve been dying to finish!

Whether you want to film your masterpiece or just scare your neighbors or, here are a few last-minute tips to turn your Halloween into a horror movie!


When it comes to Halloween, fall leaves tossed by a slight breeze give the eerie impression that perfectly merges innocence and creepiness. However, if you live in a state with unpredictable weather like I do in Colorado (I currently have a foot of snow stacked in my backyard) and there’s no depending on the weather, then there’s one easy and fantastic solution: a fog machine!

Available at any Halloween store and even grocery stores this time of year, this easy-to-use product will quickly set the ambiance for a perfect fall evening ready for some haunted fun.

No time to run to the store before the little devils and princesses come prancing to your doorstep? Here’s a quick and easy dry ice recipe that can be added to caldrons or hidden in the background for a spooky witch effect.

Sounds Effects

Squeaky doors, shattering glass, and wood creaking under footsteps. Nothing makes us crawl out of our skin like creepy sound effects. So, whether you’re working on your next indie horror or just want to frighten the bejeezus out of the neighborhood kids, sound effects are a MUST! You can purchase all the decrepit or haunting screams you want (some even downloaded for free online) and make your own playlist. Remember: Using license-free sounds makes it easy to throw your video masterpiece on YouTube without any restrictions.

Another last-minute fun Halloween toy to creep out the neighbors is this motion sensor you can find on Amazon or most Spirit Halloween stores.

Visual Effects Makeup

Back in the day, I was an Assistant Director and an actor/zombie extra on a low-budget horror film filmed in Bisbee, AZ. It has all the mediocre acting and confusing plotlines you’d expect from a C horror Western/ Zombie movie, but man, did our Visual Effects Makeup Artist KILL IT! Every zombie, bite mark, and moment of flesh tearing looked nearly realistic. It was ridiculously fun and gory to watch. Whether you’re making a mini horror flick for your Insta or you want to truly impress you’re friends with your costume, do not slack on effects makeups! It truly wows and disgusts your audience.

To get that great deep, dark red that looks more realistic try this fake blood recipe posted by If you’re looking for something a little tastier, you can even throw some chocolate syrup in the mix!

If you’re not too squeamish, check out this amazing video by make-up artist Chloe Morello who reveals the secrets behind ripped and torn skin. Ouch!

This is how I will be answering the door this Halloween. Poor little kids.

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Here at Crew Connection, we put many awesome marketing tools right at your fingertips. Feel free to get your demo reels, stills, gear, awards, and more in front of the biggest clients all over the world—all for free. At Crew Connection, we always pay video and post-production service providers within 30 days of getting your invoice so your work & your life aren’t interrupted. Need live assistance or want to add great jobs to your pipeline? Our Crew Connection film crew coordinators are on call around the clock. Sign in today at Crew Connection, call 303-526-4900, or email

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Need a Crew ASAP?

Need a Crew ASAP? 5760 3240 Alicia East

Wondering what to do when you need finding a crew to be as easy (and as fast) as ordering a pizza?

Experienced Video Crews

It’s 3 PM on a Friday. Your boss needs a full crew for a last-minute production. It starts Monday. What do you do?

First, take a deep breath and bite your tongue if you feel like using it in a way you will regret later. Second, remember that you have options. Finding a production crew (a real one — not your neighbor Carol’s daughter and a half dozen of her film school friends!) on a tight schedule can feel daunting, but it is possible.

Here are four tips for finding a video crew on a tight schedule

Review reels and portfolios

You wouldn’t cast a lead actor without hearing them read the script, and you shouldn’t hire a video crew without first vetting them. Take some time — even if you feel like you don’t have any — to review candidates’ portfolios to find crews that have worked on similar projects and have the skills you’re looking for. Look for a portfolio of work that reflects the level of quality you expect for your project.

Don’t skip steps

While taking some shortcuts may seem like an obvious solution, doing so can do more harm than good. A bad edit can cause you to go way over budget in re-edits, and low-quality sound can turn off an audience faster than a power button.

You can avoid these and many other potential fiascos by only working with carefully vetted crews whose quality you can count on. But that’s hard to do if you skip over the vetting or portfolio review processes — unless you have someone you can trust who can do many of the steps for you.

That’s what our Crew Coordinators do, btw. We’ll evaluate your project’s needs and then search through our database of fully-vetted, qualified crews and deliver them right to your inbox. From there, you review the profiles and portfolios of crews guaranteed to match your needs, and choose the one that’s right for you. You’re not skipping any steps. We’re just doing them for you. 👍

Prioritize experience

When you need to find a video crew fast, you can hone your search by looking for video crews with experience. A veteran crew already knows the ropes and will be able to handle the pressures of a tight timeline.

They’re usually better with time management, anticipating problems, and solving any hiccups that might arise. And a solid crew will get it right the first time. This can help keep production on track, preventing overtime and other expenses. While it sometimes seems like a bigger investment upfront, it often ends up saving money and time in the long run to hire the true pros.

Use a crewing agency

The most beneficial and efficient thing you can do when assembling a crew on a tight timeline is to use a crewing agency. It’s important that you work with a crew you can trust to do its job quickly, effectively, and, most importantly, correctly. But trust comes with time, and when you have to book a new crew next week, that’s in short supply.

With a pool of carefully-vetted, highly-qualified crews you can trust and crewing support you can depend on, Crew Connection has trust built right into the experience. Think of Crew Connection as your personal matchmaker (your best friend who finishes your sentences, not your meddling Aunt Ida!) that brings your project and the right crew together. You trust us, we trust the crew, and it’s a match!

Work with Crew Connection to get the crew you need

Crew Connection was designed with projects, schedules, and clients like you in mind. By connecting you directly with qualified video production crews, Crew Connection turns crewing into one of the simplest parts of your job, even on a short timeline.

Whether it’s the middle of the night or right down to the wire, you can search, contact, and book a crew on the phone with your Crew Coordinator or online. Our international database offers best-in-the-business video crews. Crew Connection can get the right experts with the right gear right when you need it. Even tomorrow.

About Crew Connection- Video Crews with Experience

Crew Connection puts a suite of marketing tools at your fingertips. Get your demo reels, stills, gear, awards, and more in front of the biggest clients all over the world—for free. At Crew Connection we pay video and post-production providers within 30 days of receiving your invoice so your work and your life are never interrupted. Need live assistance or want to add quality jobs to your pipeline? Our crew coordinators are on call around the clock. Sign in to Crew Connection, call 303-526-4900, or email

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How to Make Crew Connection Work For You

How to Make Crew Connection Work For You 500 333 Dani Lyman

You’ve heard all about how Crew Connection is the best of the best, providing top-notch crews around the globe and unmatched customer service. But are you getting the most out of your experience?

If You’re Looking For a Video Crew…

How to Find the Best Video Crew For You

At Crew Connection we pride ourselves on our white glove service and being there for our clients around the clock. That doesn’t just mean being available by phone or email. We created CrewCloud, our online platform, with your busy schedule in mind. Now, when you’re on the go, you can take advantage of several DIY features for a fast and easy booking experience. Easy to use tools include browsing crew profiles, directly messaging crews, accepting estimates and paying your bill online anytime, anywhere.

Landline and Fax Machine Not Required

We try to do as much work as possible through email so we can have a paper trail for everything. Believe me, it limits mistakes and ultimately makes your life so much easier. We know you have a busy schedule too, so if you can send us updates through email it really helps to keep the booking process moving forward effortlessly. We’re always happy to jump on a call, but often dropping a quick note does the trick!

Make Your Next Shoot Even Better Than the Last

Crew Connection is here for you! Your feedback lets us know how we’re doing and how our crews are doing. If something feels off to you about a video crew you’ve just booked, someone was rude on location or you chatted with a DP who doesn’t seem knowledgeable – just drop us a line and let us know. We are more than happy to make new arrangements and apply your feedback moving forward. And, while we definitely live in a world where praise is sparse and no news is usually good news, positive comments actually do go a long way in our business too! We really do appreciate your feedback.

If You Are a Crew…

Snaz Up your Profile

Think of your CrewCloud profile a little like an online dating profile. Say a client comes to us because they need a great crew in Los Angeles. A search for crews in L.A. is going to populate quite a few results. How are you going to stand out from the crowd? Vivid BTS photos, badass demo reels and extensive equipment lists are easy ways to grab attention. Do you have awards? Are you Union? Add it to your profile! A meaty profile reads as experienced and professional. The more information you share, the more likely you are to be contacted for a job.

Insurance May be Boring, But It’s Important

This is a key tip you may not know about Crew Connection: If you don’t have your updated COI attached to your profile, clients can’t even see your profile. You don’t want to miss an opportunity or be invisible to clients just because of one little (but very important) document.

Make Yourself More Hireable by Communicating Better

Whether it’s responding to a direct message to a client through our online portal or replying to emails from your Coordinator, a prompt response can make all the difference in landing the job. Sometimes an email that just reads “I’m available and will send a quote when I’m done with my shoot” can keep a client from looking to another crew to meet their needs. Acknowledging receipt of the request lets the client know you’re on it and you care about their project… and their time.

take one video | Crew Connection

The Number One Thing You Need for a Great Shoot

The Number One Thing You Need for a Great Shoot 5398 3648 Dani Lyman

Whether you’re traveling on location for a big Reality TV show or you’re planning a small corporate video, proper execution comes down to being prepared.

I love the pre-production phase of a shoot! I’m kind of a nerd for it. Breaking down a script? My favorite. Creating the shot list? Nothing makes me happier. Handling contracts and paperwork. All over it. Because I know that a shoot will not be successful and the DP won’t get that killer shot and the director can’t do his creative thing  if we don’t show up prepared. We need to have permits, bring the right equipment and the Audio Tech shouldn’t be on the other side of town because he didn’t get the revised call sheet.

Planning and communicating all the details beforehand allows for the production phase to be filled with creative energy and leads to a successful final project.

An absolute must for your best shoot day, although it is often overlooked:

Imagine showing up to a shoot location and the building security won’t let you in because your name isn’t on his visitor list for the day. You can’t find the name of the location contact because it’s buried in a thread of 50 emails. The CEO you’re supposed to be interviewing has already been waiting an hour because he wasn’t told the proper time to arrive. And your crew is lost trying to find the loading dock and parking.

This is a terrible way to start a shoot. You’re already way behind, crunched for time and everyone is beyond annoyed before you even set up the first shot. However, one little document could have saved the day. Yes, you guessed it. The Call Sheet!

A call sheet should be used for every shoot, no matter the size of the crew. Call sheets help to make sure everyone is on the same page about the most important logistical details. You want to make sure it covers the Who, What, Where, When and Why of the shoot. Who is supposed to be where, at what time and for what purpose.  The sheet should include everything from the shoot location, the weather, the time the crew and talent need to arrive to the breakdown of the schedule, general notes, and contact information for everyone. That includes everyone that could possibly be involved with the shoot or affect the shoot in anyway, if you have their number add it to the sheet!

The call sheet doesn’t have to be fancy. It can be, and you can add as much information as you’d like, but it can also be really simple like this great example:

A smooth shoot also comes down to effective communication. It may sound basic, but little things can get overlooked and cause a lot of confusion without detailed communication. It’s best to send the call sheet as a pdf in a new email thread and ask everyone to reply “Got it.” This way everyone is clear and exactly on the same page.  You also don’t want to have ongoing conversations in the Call Sheet thread. Create separate emails for questions between your team and the crew, so when you’re on site the pertinent information will be easy to pull up.

It’s really important to reply to your crew when they have questions. Sometimes we can get so distracted about information that we find important that we can disregard other peoples’ questions. So, if your crew is asking something about cables or room dimensions, be sure to help find the answers they need before you get to the location. Going over these details on set might wind up being a little too late.

If you’ve just spent the last few weeks nailing down permits, securing talent and planning that perfect sunset shot, don’t blow all that hard work by not properly communicating the specifics to your crew! It also saves you 50 text messages day of about shoot details. You can always just say, “Refer to the call sheet!” And everyone’s on the same page.

A video production crew is filming on the beach | Crew Connection

The Dos and Don’ts of Hiring a Video Production Crew

The Dos and Don’ts of Hiring a Video Production Crew 500 331 Heidi McLean

You’re organizing a video project, and your next step is to find the right video production crew to bring your vision to life. But how do you find a crew? From expectations and experience to budget and timeline, we’ve put together a list of tips for hiring a video production crew.

DO vet the crews

When looking for the right video production crew for your project, past experience is a huge selling (or non-selling) point. If the crews you’re considering have a portfolio of work, take some time to go through each project. Listen to the sound carefully, pay attention to transitions, and rate the overall project. This will help you compare and contrast crews you’re interviewing.

DON’T book a crew without experience

You might have a project with a small budget, but that doesn’t mean you have to temper your expectations in order to find the right crew. As always, do you due diligence and fully vet crews until you find the right one. The quality of work can and should be high enough for your needs.

DO pay what the project is worth

As you decide on the budget for your project’s video production crew, keep in mind that you want to pay what the project is worth to you. If this project will represent your company and potentially bring in sales, the quality needs to be high. If this project will be available for the world to view, you want to make sure the outcome won’t embarrass you. Put a hefty budget toward your crew, and your project could bring in a high ROI.

DON’T wait until the last minute to hire

Unless you’re organizing a project with a quick turnaround, you don’t need to rush the process of hiring a crew. Much like hiring a qualified employee to come work at your company, hiring a crew for your project can take time. You’ll want to make sure their experience, availability, and understanding of your project are in line with your expectations before a contract is signed.

DO use a reputable crewing agency

Hiring the right crew might seem daunting. You might not have enough time to search for video production crews online, and you likely have other tasks to complete to support the project. In comes Crew Connection. Think of us as your personal matchmaker for bringing your project and the right crew together.

We assess your project’s needs including your timeline, the location (domestic or international), the needs of the project, and your budget. We then search through our database of qualified crews and deliver them to your inbox. Crew Connection has Audio Techs, Video Photographers, Field Producers, Post-Production, Drone Operators and much more. All of our crews have been fully vetted based on a variety of stringent qualifications. From there, you can get to know your top crew selections and decide which one is right for you.

Learn more about Crew Connection, and let us match you with the right crew for your project!