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Wondering what to do when you need finding a crew to be as easy (and as fast) as ordering a pizza?

Experienced Video Crews

It’s 3 PM on a Friday. Your boss needs a full crew for a last-minute production. It starts Monday. What do you do?

First, take a deep breath and bite your tongue if you feel like using it in a way you will regret later. Second, remember that you have options. Finding a production crew (a real one — not your neighbor Carol’s daughter and a half dozen of her film school friends!) on a tight schedule can feel daunting, but it is possible.

Here are four tips for finding a video crew on a tight schedule

Review reels and portfolios

You wouldn’t cast a lead actor without hearing them read the script, and you shouldn’t hire a video crew without first vetting them. Take some time — even if you feel like you don’t have any — to review candidates’ portfolios to find crews that have worked on similar projects and have the skills you’re looking for. Look for a portfolio of work that reflects the level of quality you expect for your project.

Don’t skip steps

While taking some shortcuts may seem like an obvious solution, doing so can do more harm than good. A bad edit can cause you to go way over budget in re-edits, and low-quality sound can turn off an audience faster than a power button.

You can avoid these and many other potential fiascos by only working with carefully vetted crews whose quality you can count on. But that’s hard to do if you skip over the vetting or portfolio review processes — unless you have someone you can trust who can do many of the steps for you.

That’s what our Crew Coordinators do, btw. We’ll evaluate your project’s needs and then search through our database of fully-vetted, qualified crews and deliver them right to your inbox. From there, you review the profiles and portfolios of crews guaranteed to match your needs, and choose the one that’s right for you. You’re not skipping any steps. We’re just doing them for you. 👍

Prioritize experience

When you need to find a video crew fast, you can hone your search by looking for video crews with experience. A veteran crew already knows the ropes and will be able to handle the pressures of a tight timeline.

They’re usually better with time management, anticipating problems, and solving any hiccups that might arise. And a solid crew will get it right the first time. This can help keep production on track, preventing overtime and other expenses. While it sometimes seems like a bigger investment upfront, it often ends up saving money and time in the long run to hire the true pros.

Use a crewing agency

The most beneficial and efficient thing you can do when assembling a crew on a tight timeline is to use a crewing agency. It’s important that you work with a crew you can trust to do its job quickly, effectively, and, most importantly, correctly. But trust comes with time, and when you have to book a new crew next week, that’s in short supply.

With a pool of carefully-vetted, highly-qualified crews you can trust and crewing support you can depend on, Crew Connection has trust built right into the experience. Think of Crew Connection as your personal matchmaker (your best friend who finishes your sentences, not your meddling Aunt Ida!) that brings your project and the right crew together. You trust us, we trust the crew, and it’s a match!

Work with Crew Connection to get the crew you need

Crew Connection was designed with projects, schedules, and clients like you in mind. By connecting you directly with qualified video production crews, Crew Connection turns crewing into one of the simplest parts of your job, even on a short timeline.

Whether it’s the middle of the night or right down to the wire, you can search, contact, and book a crew on the phone with your Crew Coordinator or online. Our international database offers best-in-the-business video crews. Crew Connection can get the right experts with the right gear right when you need it. Even tomorrow.

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