Can Hiring a Video Crew Be As Easy as Ordering a Pizza?

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Can Hiring a Video Crew Be As Easy as Ordering a Pizza?

Can Hiring a Video Crew Be As Easy as Ordering a Pizza? 400 160 Crew Connection

Another hectic day is drawing to a close, your stomach is rumbling and your brain is starting to make weird connections. Could the process of hiring a video crew be as easy as ordering a pizza?

If you’re working with Crew Connection, that answer is absolutely a yes!

Hiring a great video crew could be a hassle, but at Crew Connection our team makes it pain free and fun, just like us. When we aren’t busy throwing Superman-themed wedding showers and playing Gatorade pong on flannel Fridays, we’re matching the best professional video production and live events crews with some of the biggest clients out there. It’s as easy as visiting Crew Connection to book a vetted video crew right when you need it or calling our team of video veterans when you need more hands-on help.

We are so honored to be among ProductionHub’s Top 100 trusted profiles. We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary  to get there, we just love what we do so much that it’s getting us noticed in the video production and live events industries.

Here are the values that have made Crew Connection such a success for the past few decades. If they strike a chord with you, get in touch to hire a video crew or join our team of pizza-loving ping pong pros.


Our outlook is as bright as the Colorado sun and our foundation is built on optimism. We don’t see challenges, we see opportunities to find solutions.


Since day one, our team has held  itself to a high standard of integrity. It shapes everything we do, both internally and in our relationships with crews and clients.

Forward-Thinking Mentality:

We’re never “done.” Both PayReel and Crew Connection were born from an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to give clients our best. We handle every aspect of video production and live events projects from on boarding to payment so you can get back to the work you really love.

High Level of Service:

Knowing and anticipating our clients’ and crews’ unique needs allows us to provide great service and build long-lasting relationships. Our team is is highly flexible and we understand your business. You’ll be greeted by your first name every time you call your personal account manager.

We’re very proud of the honor and look forward to continuing to show current and new clients why we’re among ProductionHub’s Top 100 most popular and trusted profiles.

About Crew Connection:

Crew Connection connects you with video production crews across the country and around the globe. With more than 25 years of experience and thousands of shoots with film crew pros to our credit, you can trust our expert coordinators to match you with the right freelance video crew and equipment—every time.