Take the Gamble Out of Crewing Services

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Take the Gamble Out of Crewing Services

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In both online dating and video crewing services, the stakes are high. Bad dates are the stuff of legend and poor productions cause busted budgets and endless headaches. To make matters worse, online profiles aren’t exactly known for being trustworthy. Some businesses pay for glowing reviews and some people use pictures from the 80s. Anonymity makes it easy to game the system. What if a third-party service could confirm that a potential date’s hair is real or a company’s reviews are from real customers?

Whether booking crewing services or finding a date, it’s nice to have some reassurance you’ve found a good match. That’s why we are so proud that Crew Connection was named one of ProductionHub’s Top 100 most popular and trusted profiles in 2016. We’ve built our business on optimism, integrity, entrepreneurship and customer service—and our film and video crewing services stand out because we are true to those values. 

Along with a shoulder to cry on after a bad date, we also offer a world of experience, prompt payment and around-the-clock service.


We’ve been in the freelance video production business for three decades and know the best crews in every corner of the globe. Our crew coordinators are video veterans who always match you with the best crew for your unique project.

And if you’re looking for experts who bend over backward to offer you personalized service—look no further than Crew Connection.

Quick Payment

We pay crews within 30 days because we know happy crews are productive crews. Can your overworked media department, harried HR team, or current crewing service say the same?

Always-on Film and Video Crewing Services

Transparency is a major part of our company’s integrity. You can view our database of vetted international film crews anytime at Crew Connection. And if you need to talk to a dedicated crew coordinator immediately, you can always get ahold of us on our emergency lines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Contact us during business hours online or at 303.526.4900. After hours? Call  303.829.5895 or shoot an email to info@crewconnection.com.

About Crew Connection:

Crew Connection connects you with video production crews across the country and around the globe. With more than 25 years of experience and thousands of shoots with film crew pros to our credit, you can trust our expert coordinators to match you with the right freelance video crew and equipment—every time.