Registering A Video Crew’s Drone – Making Sense of FAA Regulations

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Registering A Video Crew’s Drone – Making Sense of FAA Regulations

Registering A Video Crew’s Drone – Making Sense of FAA Regulations 1920 1280 Crew Connection

If your video crew is now offering sweeping footage captured by a drone, you have a new title. That’s right, in addition to being a business owner, DP, editor, cinematographer, and whatever other titles you carry, you’re now an aviator because the minute you send a UAV into the air, you’re officially joining the likes of the Wright brothers and Amelia Earhart (at least in the eyes of the law). Congratulations! Now it’s time to make it official.

While hobbyists can register online, video production crews/commercial users* must go through the paper registration process by:

1. Gathering and/or completing the following items: 

  • Evidence of ownership (a receipt, for example)
  • Registration Application (AC form 8050-1)
  • $5 registration fee made out to FAA Aircraft Registration Branch
  • Affidavit of Ownership that gives full description of aircraft. See the FAA’s template for guidance.

2. Mailing paperwork to:

FAA Aircraft Registration Branch

PO Box 25504

Oklahoma City, OK


3. Phoning a friend:

If you need help, call the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) commercial aircraft registration line at 1-866-762-9434.

Why Register? 

It’s in your best interest to register quickly. This is the law of the land now and violations could land you some big fines and possible jail time. It’s not about spoiling your fun or costing you business –  It’s meant to keep everyone safer.

With millions of new aircraft competing for airspace and pilots reporting drone sightings from the cockpit, the FAA wants to decrease illegal activity and make sure people are flying responsibly. Registered drones will be marked with a tracking number in case of collisions or other violations.

Plus, clients will want to keep things above board and know their partners are registered. So, happy flying!

*In addition to commercial operators, the FAA requires the paper registration process for anyone using the aircraft for any reason other than hobby and recreation, aircraft greater than 55 pounds, and international operation.

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