What Do You Bring to The Table?

What Do You Bring to The Table?

What Do You Bring to The Table?

What Do You Bring to The Table? 760 350 Crew Connection

If you’ve been following our series of Crew Connection tips and tricks, your company profile should be in pretty good shape by now. We’ve covered how to add photos, upload a demo reel, update your content, choose your local locations, and provide proof of insurance to book more work on Crew Connection. Today, we’re going to put you another step ahead of your competition by showing off the goods and gear you bring to the table.


Crew Connection gives you over 40 services to choose from when you’re filling out your company profile—so take advantage of them! This is a great opportunity to show your range of skills without having to clutter up your Our History section with a long list of services.

Offer both in-house and onsite editing? Check them off! Are you a drone crew? Don’t forget to add that to your list of services! Clients are able to filter their searches by services, so review the list carefully to ensure you’ve selected everything you offer.


The specialty field gives you a chance to tell clients what you’re really good at and what kind of gigs you prefer. Your specialties give clients context on how you use the services you have listed.

If you love working on fast-paced reality TV productions and live sports events, include that in your specialties. If you offer hair and makeup services, let clients know that runway shows are your bread and butter.


This part of your company profile is probably pretty self-explanatory. List those cameras!

Be sure to only select cameras that you either possess or are able to rent easily. Clients are able to filter their searches by camera type and are typically looking for a crew who can come prepared with that camera and no surprises, so be sure to discuss any rental fees beforehand.

Equipment List

Your equipment list is another area where you can let your imagination run wild! Clients can’t search for by your equipment, but it will give them insight into your depth of skills and experience when they visit your company profile. Instead of just repeating the services, specialties, and cameras you’ve already listed—think outside of the box. Name your state-of-the-art audio and video editing software, your still photography lenses, your cool drone doodads, and more.

Remember here that if your equipment list is so long or confusing that you can’t even read through it—neither will clients.

Here’s How:

1. Sign up as a crew or log in to your company profile on Crew Connection.

2. You’ll land on your My Account page. Click on Company Details in the left sidebar under Crew Profile.

updating your CrewCloud profile

3. On your Company Details page, you’ll see sections titled Services, Specialties, Cameras and Equipment History. Check or fill out each section appropriately.

what goods and gear do you bring to the table?

4. After you scroll down and click Save, use the View Profile button on the upper left corner of the sidebar to view your updated company profile.

updating your CrewCloud profile

See—it’s easy! If you need any help updating your company profile or just have questions, contact our crew coordinators today.

Not signed up for Crew Connection yet? What are you waiting for—sign up for free today! Trying to find even more work on Crew Connection? Check out our full tips and tricks series here.

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