Notifications Help You Cut Through Chaos

Notifications Help You Cut Through Chaos

Notifications Help You Cut Through Chaos

Notifications Help You Cut Through Chaos 760 350 Crew Connection

As a media pro on the go, the last thing you have time for is sitting around waiting for news on the projects you’re juggling. After almost three decades in the video production industry, we know exactly how hectic it can get. That’s why we baked email and text message notifications right into your CrewCloud company profile. Just turn ’em on and never miss an opportunity again.

Keep Up With Demand

Slow season? There’s no better time to get alerted the second a potential client reaches out about an exciting new project. Better yet, in busy seasons, CrewCloud notifications will cut through the chaos. If a client requests an updated estimate or sends you a message, you’ll always be in the know.

Beat Your Competition

Let’s face it, we live and work in a connected world. While it can very well mean more work for you, it can also mean that clients are able to easily move on to another crew the second they don’t hear back from you. Get the ball rolling on your next project quickly with an email or text message notification the minute a client reaches out to you.

Act Like a Professional

Connected world or not, communication sets professionals apart from amateurs. Even if you don’t have time to sit down and reply to a message about a new opportunity or update an estimate, quickly acknowledging a client’s message might be all they need to feel comfortable moving ahead with you on board.

Here’s How:

1. Sign up as a crew or log in to your company profile on CrewCloud.

2. You’ll land on your My Account page. Click on Notifications in the left sidebar under Crew Account Details.

Notifications Help You Cut Through Chaos

3. On your Notifications page, check the boxes next to Email and Text Messages and enter your info where you want to receive notifications. 

Notifications Help You Cut Through Chaos

4. After you click Save, use the View Profile button on the upper left corner of the sidebar to view your updated company profile.

updating your CrewCloud profile

If you need any help turning on your notifications or just have questions, contact our crew coordinators today.

Not signed up for CrewCloud? What are you waiting for—sign up for free today! Check out our full tips and tricks series here to learn how you can book even more projects on CrewCloud.