Out with the shoulder pads and fax machines…

Out with the shoulder pads and fax machines…

Out with the shoulder pads and fax machines… 150 150 Crew Connection

In with the new website!

Heidi McLean, our company founder and visionary, knows that if you don’t embrace change, you don’t grow. You also enjoy life a little less. That’s just not for us. Not only do we like to evolve, we like to do it in style. So in our 26th year in business, we think it’s about time for an online makeover.

Crew Connection has gone through some growing pains in its evolution from a phone-based crewing service to a primarily online service. When we started, Heidi did most of the crewing herself. Once she booked a crew, she drove four miles to send and receive fax confirmations.

We’re all as happy to ditch the days of being tethered to a phone and having rooms just for filing cabinets as Heidi was to ditch the shoulder pads.

Our new website reflects where we’re going. It’s clean and sharp. It’s edgy. Like us. We think you’re gonna like it.

Just like us, our site is ever-evolving. We’d like you to be a part of our evolution. Tweet us pictures of you and your crews in action using the handle @crewconnection and the hashtag #fromthefield and we’ll retweet and/or respond. You can also Facebook or email them to us at alicia@CrewConnection.com. We’d love to hear from you!

About Crew Connection

Crew Connection connects you with video production crews across the country and around the globe. With more than 25 years of experience and thousands of shoots to our credit with film crew pros, you can trust our expert coordinators to match you with the right freelance video crew and equipment every time.