The Future is Wearable (Tips for Staying Competitive in Digital Media)

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The Future is Wearable (Tips for Staying Competitive in Digital Media)

The Future is Wearable (Tips for Staying Competitive in Digital Media) 500 550 Crew Connection

Video graphically speaking, wearables are epic. Sweeping overhead shots are easier to get and more affordable than ever. People are watching videos on smaller screens and in more locations (i.e., anywhere there’s a signal). Wearable devices, such as the Apple Watch and Google Glass, are shifting in consumers’ minds from unnecessary but fun luxuries to necessities they expect to have in the not so distant future.

Epic Made Easy—and Inexpensive

The word drone is starting to be less associated with airstrikes and more associated with putting cameras in the air. As drones become more accessible and small DSLR cameras more high tech, quality filmmaking is more accessible than ever. On the flip side, average and below average productions are also more accessible than ever—so standing out is increasingly important (and difficult). Stay on your game by aiming to be the best in your niche. If you want drones to provide a slice of your business pie, get ready now. Practice so that when the time is right, you are known as the best.

Go Small or Go Home

Forget big screens; small ones are taking over. *“One in four viewers are watching online video content via their mobile devices” and “the mobile device of choice” is the smallest of all—the smartphone. Make sure you are ready to provide mobile-friendly digital content or you’ll risk losing a large chunk of your potential client’s target audience immediately.

The future is….wearable?

Just when it seems screens can’t get any smaller, the Apple Watch aims to revolutionize the way we view content yet again. Not only is it tiny, powerful, and wearable, it also allows content magnification on a small screen. Until the Apple Watch is released, it may be hard to know what content specs will work best (if you have theories and speculations, please let us know). Be ready to be surprised. And be ready to learn.

As always, technology is changing and impacting digital media. We have to change with it or risk being left behind—holding our devices instead of wearing them.

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