Cameras Find New Wings: The Next Level For Drones

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Cameras Find New Wings: The Next Level For Drones

Cameras Find New Wings: The Next Level For Drones 619 200 Crew Connection

With six major film and TV companies getting the green light to fly unmanned aerial vehicles for commercial purposes and a company of aerospace engineers designing products to make drone photography more accessible, the market is moving fast. Such activity is paving the way for more clarity around the laws, simplicity of technology, and of course, wider availability for commercial use.

Just Wednesday, DreamQii launched an IndieGoGo campaign seeking funding for what they see as the next level: PlexiDrones.

Among their signature product’s key, spicy features


This drone makes it easy to not only get the gear in the air, but also to get approved for commercial flying. Pilots still need to apply for their personal certificate, but with its height limits, the device is programmed to obey the law by not exceeding 400 feet in the air.

“One user, many drones”

This brand new “swarm technology” allows for “multi-vantage filming and photography controlled from a single interface.” This means that with one controller, you can have many drones in the air filming the same event at the same time and in the same area.

Follow Me Technology

By using your mobile device as the GPS, this sucker will follow behind you in the air you as you drive, ride, or run.

Retractable landing gear

One of the big complaints for drone pilots to date is the fact that from certain angles, landing gear gets in the way. The PlexiDrone’s retractable landing gear means you can get a 360 degree view without editing.

You don’t have to have a PlexiDrone to go to the next level (and you may not want to wait until March 2015 to get your hands on one). The DJI Phantom is available now and has proven its mettle. Mark Isherwood, a DJI Phantom hobbyist and owner of Freedom House Productions, says that after gaining some experience and confidence, you can take it further by flying with goggles. This allows the operator to watch the footage you’re getting rather than the copter itself.

As Bob Schieffer from CBS’s Drones Over America says: “We’re looking at the future. And whether we like it or not, the future is looking back at us.”

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