This is one shortcut that will actually pay off!

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This is one shortcut that will actually pay off!

This is one shortcut that will actually pay off! 558 322 Crew Connection

Between all of the tasks you have to juggle on any given day, it’s a wonder you have time to breathe—much less login and out of Crew Connection on all of your devices.

Here’s a (literal) shortcut that will keep you logged in and just a single tap away from Crew Connection when you add it right to your device’s home screen.

Safari on the iPhone and iPad


Open Safari, which comes preloaded on your Apple device, and visit Tap on the Share icon in the center of the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.




Tap “Add to Home Screen.”




Change the title of the shortcut to something simple and memorable. “Crew Connection” is a great option! Select “Add.”




The shortcut It will now appear on your home screen just like an app!




Chrome on Galaxy S6


Open the Chrome app and visit Tap the menu button in the upper right corner.


Apple Android CrewCloud shortcut


Select “Add to Home screen.”


Apple Android CrewCloud shortcut


Change the title to something simple and memorable, like “Crew Connection.” This will be the name of the shortcut on your home screen. Select “ADD.”


Apple Android CrewCloud shortcut


Now you’ll be able to find the shortcut right on your home screen just like the rest of your apps—including Pokemon GO of course.


Apple Android CrewCloud shortcut


Please keep in mind that technology is always changing and we can’t possibly cover every ever-updating device out there. We tried to include instructions for the most popular devices, browsers, and versions. Even if you don’t use one of the specific items mentioned here, many systems work similarly when adding a shortcut—including laptop and desktop computers. Play around and see how you can create a Crew Connection shortcut on all of the devices that you use.



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