What the Heck is a Featured Crew?

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What the Heck is a Featured Crew?

What the Heck is a Featured Crew? 474 200 Crew Connection

Next time you use Crew Connection to search for the perfect media professionals for your project, pay special attention to the results that show up. For our most popular locations, you’ll notice that the top several results have a yellow banner in the top left corner that says “featured.” These are some of our best crews.

Featured Crews

While each and every media professional on Crew Connection has been vetted and meets our high standard of quality, our featured crews have proven themselves as leaders in their industry. Crews with this designation have a long work history with Crew Connection, get consistently great feedback, and have hit a number of other benchmarks. Featured status can’t be bought. Our featured crews have proven that they can handle themselves professionally and we’re so confident in them that we’ve given them our stamp of approval!

So next time you’re using Crew Connection to find a makeup artist in Mumbai, a DP in Denver, or a drone operator in Dublin; book a featured crew and make your job easier.

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