Featured Crew: AV1 Productions

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Featured Crew: AV1 Productions

Featured Crew: AV1 Productions 960 720 Heidi McLean

At Crew Connection, we only work with the best of the best. If they’re on our database, it’s because they get the job done. Amir Valinia at AV1 Productions is no exception. Our team loves working with him because he accommodates every shoot size and truly goes above and beyond for our clients.

We talked with Valinia to find out more. Here’s what we learned:


Crew Connection: What’s your story?

Before knowing where he wanted to land, Valinia was an engineering major in college. One radio/TV class changed his course completely and he graduated with a BA in communications. Valinia said, “Best move I ever made!”


CC: What sets you apart?

Valinia feels very lucky to be able to be one of the few who truly does what he loves for a living. He even goes so far as to say that it doesn’t feel like work to him. Being able to work at a different location and on different types of productions each feels like being on vacation. The variety and constantly having a new “office” (which may end up being a beach!) and new people, cultures, and projects to work on keeps it interesting.

Valinia has worn many different hats on many different projects and understands each production department better for it. He uses that knowledge to provide better service and easier solutions for their production needs.


CC: What gear do you use most often?

The Sony A7SII! Its size and portability, along with the fact that it shoots beautifully in low light make it a top pick. Valinia had one shoot by a lake after the sun had already gone down. Even though they could only see black with their eyes, the camera captured an image that looked like dusk.


The bottom line

With services offered from Dallas to San Antonio, Valinia is a phenomenal Texas production resource we are always booking confidently.


About AV1 Productions:

Director Amir Valinia is passionate about the creation of purposeful and transformational film and video. As the President of AVl Productions, he has steadily worked as a Director in the entertainment industry on various commercials, TV shows, music videos, and feature films.

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