Everything you need to know before hiring 360 video crews

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Everything you need to know before hiring 360 video crews

Everything you need to know before hiring 360 video crews 6000 4000 Heidi McLean

Every latest and greatest innovation becomes old news at some point. With the last big thing—unmanned aerial vehicles or “drones”—more accessible than ever, the next frontier is 360 video and virtual reality. Are you ready?

 Here are 8 things to know before diving in to the world of 360 video:


  1. 360 video is not VR

Virtual reality is to 360 videos what the Model T is to the vehicle sitting in your driveway. We think that this article from Wired describes the relationship perfectly when it says “It’s a decent first taste, but 360 video is as far from real VR as seeing the Grand Canyon through a Viewmaster is from standing at the edge of the canyon’s South Rim.”

   2. Viewers don’t need a special device

Put away the Google Cardboard. With the right browser or app, any old computer or phone screen works since you’re only scrolling through a standard video that just has more angles.

  3. It takes some getting used to for producers

To date, those behind the camera have been able to direct viewers’ attention where they want it. Effective storytelling is a whole new challenge when viewers can choose where they want to look.

Also, there is no “behind the camera” anymore. Unless they want to be a part of the story, everyone on set better hang tight to the shooter or get the heck out of the way.

  4. It also takes some getting used to for viewers

Viewers aren’t used to choosing what they want to look at and may not know what to do with that level of control. It might be helpful to include some ideas for how viewers should (and shouldn’t) interact with your video.

  5. It’s easy to make people sick

VR uses sensors to track your head’s movement and create a new reality around that. Ideally, you won’t be able to tell the difference between what is real and what isn’t. 360 video isn’t there yet, so the poorly-done video is sure to induce motion sickness. Get around this by making videos that don’t suck and including a warning (or a humblebrag!) anywhere you share a 360 video.

  6. Nature is calling

The great outdoors offers an amazing playground for shooting 360 videos, especially if you’re ever wondered what it’s like to be surrounded by wild elephants or encounter a shark. It also provides an unmatched perspective for things like being in the middle of a political rally, feeling like you’re on stage with a musician, flying in a hot air balloon, and more.

  7. 360 video best practices don’t exist yet

Traditional techniques for framing, lighting, capturing audio and producing go out the window with 360 videos. The new norms are being formed as you read this, but here are some basic tips on everything from shooting to directing to editing from a production crew who’s already diving in.

  8. It’s the new frontier

In any field, new frontiers are both challenging and exciting. Genres and techniques that don’t exist today will bloom from this new medium. Hiring any video crew is a big commitment, but hiring one with vision in a brand new specialty is a real leap of faith. Crew Connection makes it easier by offering only vetted crews with a solid work history and quality demo reels. If you’re ready to dive in, so are they.

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