5 everyday ways to appreciate overworked video crews

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5 everyday ways to appreciate overworked video crews

5 everyday ways to appreciate overworked video crews 548 294 Heidi McLean

The video production industry is notorious for long hours, quick deadlines, and challenging working conditions. On top of being some of the hardest workers we know, video crews are also tasked with keeping productions running smoothly.

We all know some camera people or producers who run exclusively on coffee and protein bars or scoff at the idea of taking a break. But even video crews who pride themselves on their toughness appreciate an “atta boy” now and then.

Five ways to show video crews how much you value them

1. Keep crews safe.

It seems like it should go without saying, but it’s just so easy to take shortcuts without considering all the possible ramifications. Including safety in the budget shows you have your priorities straight.

2. Pay on time.
This is one of the most effective, simplest, and often-overlooked ways to show you value your crews. Some businesses have made net 90 the norm, but it’s bad for crews and bad for businesses. If you need help on this front, Crew Connection guarantees net 30.

3. Be up front.
Communicate payment expectations before the project even starts. Surprises are for birthdays, not for paychecks.

4. Feed them well.
Pizza that arrives at just the right time works wonders for morale.

5. Add a personal touch.
Send a handwritten thank you note (NSFW, but hilarious). It’s worth the extra effort.


There’s nothing extraordinary on this list, I know. But sometimes the simplest things go a long way. And by the way, showing your gratitude is about more than giving someone warm and fuzzies. It’s also good business. A video crew that feels valued will work harder for you and be more loyal.

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