Book the best people for your project with these 6 questions

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Book the best people for your project with these 6 questions

Book the best people for your project with these 6 questions 1000 628 Heidi McLean

Frances Peterson, Production Coordinator at Abernethy Media Professionals for over a decade, connects clients with just the right crews and gear to ensure their shoots go down picture-perfect. Here, Frances shares the six-part litmus test that she uses to make sure the crew and client are a fit.


Putting a shoot together is like putting on a show: Everyone has to play their part, know their lines, pick up their cues, and work together with the end in mind—all while paying attention to the details at hand. So it’s important when I’m booking a crew that they have the right mix of experience, ability, and creativity. From a quick talking head with an EX3 for internal communications to a RED Weapon Dragon Forged shoot for a broadcast commercial, I make sure to book the locals with the specialized experience and gear to bring the project to life.

Here are the six questions that tell me if I’m hiring the best people for the project…


The AMP Camera Crews Litmus Test 


Can this person do the superlative job they told me they could do?


Are they a problem solver?


Do they know when to ask for help?


Do they have good client relations skills?


Do they add to the crew’s sense of congruity?


Could you go grab a bite and a drink with them after 10 hours together on set?


The answer to all of these questions needs to be YES.

An AMP camera crew is made up of multi-talented, experienced, flexible problem solvers who are well acquainted with the camera and lighting packages, audio and grip gear, backdrops, teleprompters, media transfer processes, and upload parameters we have in-house. We are fortunate to have a local pool of production talent both deep and wide at AMP.

While some of our folks have been in the business for over 25 years and some are young Turks, they all have one thing in common—they are here to give you the look and feel that you are striving for on your project. Your satisfaction at the end of the shoot is what it’s all about.