How to trade in your tax visor for Disney ears

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How to trade in your tax visor for Disney ears

How to trade in your tax visor for Disney ears 8399 3628 Heidi McLean

Producing content is chaotic. In your media department, chances are you and your employees already wear too many hats. You don’t need to put on yet another one during tax season.

Would you prefer a vacation over running around tracking down addresses and other freelancer management tasks this tax season? Read on.


Hand over that lovely green tax visor and take a spring break instead. Here’s how:


1. Get in touch with our partner company PayReel.

PayReel was started when Crew Connection’s founder saw a need in the media industry for simplifying freelancer management. The PayReel team and its custom software instantly replace the paperwork involved with onboarding and paying freelancers while also keeping businesses compliant with federal, state, and local regulations such as paid sick leave and insurance. Chat with a real, live person when you contact PayReel at 303-526-4900 or by emailing us here.

Leave your payroll services and details up to PayReel so you can focus on pulling off a flawless production.


2. Hand over the paperwork and the risk.

A lot of productions often means a lot of temporary workers. And all those workers make for a not-so-magical mountain of paperwork. PayReel takes the burden out of onboarding as well as tracking and sending 1099s.

Speaking of those temporary workers, are you sure you’re the right person to classify all of them? It’s only your job and possibly your freedom on the line.

At PayReel, they talk about worker classification a lot. They even created a whole series on the subject. They take it seriously because the government does, too. Meaning they’re more than ready to find companies that get it wrong. But don’t worry, when you work with PayReel, their staff help you decide if the seven dwarves are eligible for full benefits and take the punishment if they’re ever wrong.


3. Get back to work.

With PayReel handling your freelancer management, you can get back to your production, or your Netflix binge, or even your spring break. Whatever you do, just don’t get back to worrying about tax management: PayReel makes tax season vacation season.


One more thing: There are certain career paths (like tax lawyering) that really require a special type of person. Unless you’re one of those, (which we’re not) you’re not legally allowed to give your employee’s tax advice. Send them to the IRS.



About PayReel

Juggling content production and freelancer management can get messy. PayReel makes sure their clients are able to hire who they want when they want and that everyone is paid properly. Leave all payroll services and freelancer management (even taxes) up to the PayReel team so you can focus on pulling off a flawless production. Contact PayReel anytime at 303-526-4900 or by emailing us here.

Relax. We got it.