Still Photographers, Drone Operators, & More!

Still Photographers, Drone Operators, & More!

Still Photographers, Drone Operators, & More! 2560 1709 Alicia East

If you’re here, you know you can count on Crew Connection to hook you up with a solid, vetted crew for your shoot(s). Our crews also offer a world of other media services. Whether you need someone to film, produce, and livestream for a hybrid event or you just need to book a still photographer for a day, our media professionals are here for you!

Let’s Play an Emoji Game!  “Can Crew Connection Hook Me Up?”

With 🎥 ? Film/documentary/TV/ corporate shoots and more? Yes!

With ✈️+📷? Drone shots? Yes!

With 🖥️+⌨️? Post-production services? Yes!

With 📷? Still photographers? Yes!

With 🐭🏰🎡👸🏽? Animation and motion graphics! Yes!

Bottom Line

Crew Connection’s photographers have the skills to capture stills of everything from headshots to company parties and interiors/exteriors of buildings.

So next time you’re thinking about refreshing your team’s headshots, dreaming of a sweeping overhead shot to complete your vision, or producing a whole season of reality TV, think of Crew Connection first! We have your vetted and insured crews.

Crew Connection is your one-stop shop for video crewing, still photography, post production services and more. Check out our online database to make every aspect of your project quick, painless and, most importantly, high quality.