New FAA Drone Regulations Open Skies to Video Crews

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New FAA Drone Regulations Open Skies to Video Crews

New FAA Drone Regulations Open Skies to Video Crews 760 350 Heidi McLean

The skies just got a whole lot friendlier for video crews who want to use drones for business!

Nearly two years ago we started covering the technology, penalties, and ever-changing guidelines surrounding how video crews could use drones for business. Finally, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has released its first definitive guide on drone piloting.

With these new rules now in place, the skies are about to get a whole lot busier. If you’re flying a commercial drone under 55 pounds, here’s what you need to know to fly high.

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1) Here Comes The Sun

According to the new FAA laws, you’ll have to stick to flying during daylight hours unless your drone has lights that are visible for up to three miles.

2) Don’t Fly Too Close

You might need to fly in the sunlight, but you don’t need to fly into the sunlight. Commercial drones shouldn’t exceed 400 feet in the air. While it’s up there, your drone should remain in your line of sight or in the sight of an observer you’re in touch with. And avoid flying over folks who aren’t part of your drone shoot unless you have approval.

3) Can’t Drive? Can’t Fly

Sorry, kiddos. Pilots must be at least 16 years old.

4) You’re Up, Maverick 

If you’re ready to be considered an aviator, you need to be ready to act like one, too. Pilots must pass an aeronautical test every two years.

5) Know Before You Go

States went ahead and passed rules while they were waiting for the big dogs to make a call. So it’s not just FAA laws you need to worry about—get familiar with local guidelines, as well.

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