Building your brand with video

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Building your brand with video

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Think video might help accomplish your goal of building your brand? You’re right.

Video content is surpassing text online at a rapid pace. We don’t even have time to read a whole phrase like “be right back,” favoring “brb” instead. The marketing world is responding in kind. L’Oréal, for example, is working on 6-second commercials to replace those cumbersome 30-second ads of the past. It’s unwise and unprofitable to ignore your audience’s increasingly teeny tiny attention span. Srsly.

If video isn’t a central part of your brand already, it’s time to make it so. Here’s how to make a video that speaks to your audience.

Three tips for building your brand with video

  1. Know your audience. This is the first rule of all communication, and therefore, of marketing efforts. It’s essential to effectively build your brand. If you’ve spent any time in meetings with marketing teams and ad agencies, you may be surprised by how much time they spend on this point before talking about the message or the product. That’s because if you don’t know to whom you’re speaking or what literal and figurative language speak to them, you’re already missing the boat.
  2. Focus first on the why, not the what. Simon Sinek makes a strong case for focusing on your cause and beliefs in the way you “think, act, and communicate” before you talk about facts and figures. Apple is one of the ultimate examples of this. They sell their products, which, at the core, function remarkably similar to their competitors’ offerings, using language that focuses more on their core beliefs and on “thinking differently” than on the nuts and bolts of their product.  
  3. Keep it simple, but sharp. You don’t have to have stunning effects and the latest technology to capture your audience’s attention. Simple videos that speak to the target audience and focus first on the why are most effective.

The bottom line

Okay, so you’re convinced you have to have a video in order to reach your audience and you know that in the digital age, the shelf life of those videos is ridiculously short. So why not just shoot and edit on your phone and move on? Simple: Because the only thing worse than no video is a bad video. Shaky footage will make your audience sick and bad audio and poor quality will cheapen your brand. It’s best to get the pros on the job. And using our global crewing database makes it easier than ever to hire a video crew that will represent your brand well.

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