Proof of Insurance Means More Bookings

Proof of Insurance Means More Bookings

Proof of Insurance Means More Bookings

Proof of Insurance Means More Bookings 760 350 Alicia East

We want your business to be as successful as possible. To that end, Crew Connection requires its independent contractors to carry insurance. We don’t do it because we just love paperwork; we do it because it helps our clients and freelance media professionals pull off the best projects possible. More and more, clients are looking to book a video production crew with all insurance protections. 

Uploading your proof of insurance not only protects you, your crew, and your project—it makes you more desirable to clients. 

Protection for you and your project

More and more often, clients come to us looking for media professionals who have both general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. When a freelance media professional on set doesn’t have coverage, it puts everyone involved at risk of costly audits and potential lawsuits. When you’re tied up in a legal battle or struggling to pay fines, it’s really hard to pull off a flawless shoot. Requiring certificates of insurance protects all parties. 

The Independent Contractor Agreement you accept when you become one of our crews states that contractors must carry “Commercial General Liability Insurance (including, but not limited to, premises-operations, broad form property damage, products/completed operations, contractual liability, independent Suppliers, personal injury)” and “Workers’ Compensation insurance as required by Statute, and Employer’s Liability insurance.”

If you don’t think you’re required to carry worker’s compensation insurance, give us a call anytime at 303-526-4900 or contact us to talk through the details. If you choose not to upload any proof of worker’s compensation, clients won’t be able to contact you without first going through a coordinator.

Clients want to book a video production crew without risk

Every day, clients use Crew Connection’s filters to search for media professionals who carry the general liability and workers’ compensation insurance they require. Don’t let your competitors beat you to the booking just because you lack insurance coverage.

Luckily for you, Crew Connection makes proving your insurance coverage easy. All you have to do is upload your paperwork to the Professional Documents section of your company profile. Now your coverage will show up under Insurance Type in the Our History section of your company profile. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions on uploading your insurance documents on Crew Connection.

Please note that we aren’t able to book Crew Connection crews who have expired insurance. In order to prevent missing out on any projects, please remember to update your certificates of insurance on Crew Connection before they expire.

Here’s how:

1. Sign up as a crew or log in to your existing company profile.

2. You’ll land on your My Account page. Click on Professional Documents in the left sidebar under Crew Profile.

3. Upload your certificates of general liability and workers’ compensation insurance under the Insurance headline in the Professional Documents section. List the certificate holder as “Crew Connection, 211 Violet St. #100, Golden, CO 80401.” Upload multiple documents by selecting using the Choose Files button.

4. Click Save and then OK to save your upload.

5. Click View Profile in the top left corner to see your updated Insurance Type in the Our History section of your company profile!

Not signed up for Crew Connection yet? What are you waiting for—it’s easy! Looking for more tips and trips for getting more bookings on Crew Connection? Check out our full advice series here.