How video is more important than ever

How video is more important than ever

How video is more important than ever 2560 1707 Alicia East

(and why you don’t have to scrap your projects in progress!)

Millions of people have found their lives turned upside down by the sudden and dramatic appearance of COVID-19. While leaders and experts rush to control a pandemic, Americans are altering their schedules and staying home in order to remain healthy and feel secure. 

Video Pros Don’t Stop, Won’t Stop

You may not be able to get toilet paper, but you absolutely can get video production services. Despite setbacks, this industry is filled with innovative talent who love a good challenge. There’s a reason we’re called “creatives!” 

With new limitations in place, many video production teams are offering simple solutions to keep employees working and businesses running. 

Tools to keep communication humming  

Many are turning to the following right now to keep connections active and information flowing: 

  • Live-streaming content
  • Editing old footage into a new message
  • Remotely recording audio and creating animations
  • Recording podcasts to get an important message out to a large team quickly


Live streaming is one of the best resources available to keep your business running smoothly. It is an incredibly valuable tool for those who cannot attend your event or meeting. Not only does it enable you to share necessary information, but it accomplishes the more important goal of bringing people together during a time of isolation. 

Post-production for the win! 

Editors are coming to the rescue to salvage projects. If you are in the middle of a video project and are unable to complete it as originally planned,  you don’t need to scrap all your hard work (even if you weren’t able to capture every shot you planned for). An editor can creatively manipulate footage to provide a cohesive final piece or provide options to rework what you do have. Plus, files and footage can easily be shared online, meaning most work can be done remotely. You don’t even have to come out of quarantine. 

See the opportunity 

This pandemic has been likened to war and every battle is an opportunity to unite and help one another. At its heart, video is a medium that inspires people. It connects people around the world, influences changes, and creates a sense of community and hope. Now more than ever, we can rely on technology and the internet to bring us together. If you have a message to share, we have a crew who can create it for you. 

The bottom line 

We can vouch for several Live Streaming Production Companies around the country that are committed to quality and safety. We also have amazing editors, audio technicians, and production specialists in your area continuing to serve your community.

Please reach out to a Crew Connection Coordinator if you have questions about securing your video production needs. We have decades of experience and creative solutions. 

And of course: Be safe and wash your hands!