Light up your holiday with our fave 4th of July Movies

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Light up your holiday with our fave 4th of July Movies

Light up your holiday with our fave 4th of July Movies 5616 3744 Dani Lyman

With July 4th quickly approaching, we wanted to take a moment to reminisce about our favorite Fourth of July movies that capture the essence of Independence Day in America. With characters fighting for a cause, uniting humanity, and celebrating wholesome values these films remind us what it means to be an American… but mostly that we are really really awesome.



The stakes have never been higher than on Amity Island where a lurking predator seeks to threaten our lives… and our right to party. This scene from Jaws demonstrates true American priorities: banding together as a community to swim, drink, and throw a memorable bash. The threat of bloodshed and sharks on a murderous mission will not keep us from having good times!



There is nothing more American than baseball, best friends, and good-hearted neighbors gathering to celebrate our Nation’s birth. The Sandlot draws on the nostalgia of a simpler America; a feeling we try endlessly to recapture in our adult lives. It’s a time where adventure lies just beyond our backyard, friendships are formed over summer games and fireworks are so mesmerizing we can’t help but stop and stare. No film captures the childlike joy of the 4th quite as this one does.


Independence Day

In a world where superbly-intelligent evil beings with weapons of mass destruction are invading our planet, one voice echoes through the chaos to give us the best presidential speech of all time (…in a movie, at least). If Bill Pullman as President Whitmore rallying a ragtag team of American stereotypes doesn’t move you to tears and make you fist pump “Murcia!”, then I question your patriotism and your cold dead heart.


May your 4th be filled with fun, adventure, and fireworks!