Featured Camera Crew: Crew West

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Featured Camera Crew: Crew West

Featured Camera Crew: Crew West 760 350 Crew Connection

We vet every camera crew we work with to make sure our clients get the best. One of those is Crew West, which treats both large and small projects with the same level of service and detail. Plus, they have one of the best time-lapse guys in the business.

We chatted with Michael Barcless, a managing assignment editor for Crew West/Sat. West. Barcless is a producer by trade who staffs shoots, provides cameras and formats, and covers MLB and the NFL.

Crew Connection: Tell us about Crew West and what sets your camera crew apart.

Michael Barcless: Jim Farrell was a news cameraman before starting the business in 1994. With about a dozen full-time staffers and a network of the best freelancers, we like to say we’re small but mighty.

One thing that sets us apart is our focus on great lighting. Lighting for shoots is like spicing for meals. It can take an average shoot to extraordinary and it requires a lot of practice to perfect the skill and the art.

We are known for our network-level HD. We also have satellite trucks for game backhauls and corporate clients who want to do video uplinks.

CC: We hear you have a great time-lapse guy on your camera crew. What can you tell us about him?

MB: His name is Dustin Farrell and his stunning videos have racked up millions of views. Some people think it’s just pointing a camera in the right direction, pressing a button, and taking a nap while the magic happens. But good time-lapse photography is truly an art. Dustin has perfected the technique. You can see his growth from the first volume to the latest. Samsung even took notice and put his videos up in their stores.

He’s known for his time-lapse skills, but he’s also adept with quadcopters for those sweeping overhead shots. It seems like everything Dustin does is epic.

CC: Who are some of your clients?

MB: Our list of clients goes on and on. We’ve done the Today Show, Nightly News, the Daily Show, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, and HBO Real Sports—among others. We do everything from sports to news to corporate.

CC: Give us an example of how you go above and beyond for your clients.

MB: After doing a shoot for a corporate client (Phoenix Children’s Hospital) where we installed lights, they wanted to take us on the road. Their next shoot was in LA, but the client was so impressed that she wanted to take our guys. LA! She said we do better work in Phoenix than she finds there.

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Michael Barcless (left) and Kurt Warner at Super Bowl Media Day.

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