Ever Been Ghosted After a Job? We Got You, Boo.

Ever Been Ghosted After a Job? We Got You, Boo.

Ever Been Ghosted After a Job? We Got You, Boo. 2560 1707 Alicia East

Every small business is familiar with that one invoice sitting in their pending receipt queue, racking up late fees while you wait for a client to pay up. Sure, you could hold deliverables hostage until you receive a check. But that’s not always feasible. And wouldn’t it be nice just to know you’re gonna get paid in 30 days no matter what? Our crews tells us that’s one of the biggest advantages of booking jobs through Crew Connection.

That, along with simplified prospecting means more legitimate leads (and therefore, projects) and a more reliable cash flow.

Here’s what our crews love most about booking projects through Crew Connection

1. High-quality leads seek you out

Every potential new client is inherently a gamble. You don’t start the project with the guarantee that they’ll pay on time—or at all. You don’t know if you’ll spend hours on a proposal only to have it go unseen. Not only does Crew Connection guarantee Net 30, it also takes the grunt work out of submitting proposals.

2. Bids turn into projects

Crew Connection’s tools make it easy for clients to find the crews that are the right fit for their job. And when they know they’re getting the best (that’s you!), they feel more comfortable booking. One crew told us that 100% of their leads actualized. 100 percent!

3. Get the best clients and projects without the hassle

One of the biggest challenges for crews and clients alike is accurate, easy, organized communication. Our online database centralizes details and simplifies communications. You can view and manage every detail—including gear and budget from our centralized, easy platform.

Ready to book better projects? 

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