Crewing lessons from my baby

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Crewing lessons from my baby

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So I just had a baby. As many of you can relate, this has meant sleepless nights peppered with hours of frustration and moments of boundless joy. And maybe it’s just my baby-addled brain, but this got me thinking about crewing. You’re saying “Crewing … babies … really?” I promise that I’m not suffering from post-partum “video-itis,” so hear me out.

When you first see your child, you’re filled with delight, anticipation, and happiness. You’re thinking about all the fun things you want to do and how you’re going to shape this new person into something special. This is exactly like the start of the production process. When you get a new project you are excited about the prospects and are eager to plan it all out. And then the reality sets in. All of a sudden the baby is crying and spitting up all over you … just like the logistics and details of a video shoot. Where will the crew come from? What gear should I use? Why do I smell like cheese?

This is where the crewing process should be a whole lot easier than being a new parent. Because there are resources out there to help make your video shoot go down for a nap. Trained professionals, like the booking coordinators at Crew Connection, are available to help you wade through the mire of video production logistics and not get bogged down with the dirty diaper details. As a new parent, you are very protective of this little extension of yourself. You need to trust who is going to handle your baby.

CrewConnection has been cleaning up drooling little messes since 1989. Now if they could help with all the laundry…

A special thank you to Brent Bowers, Crew Connection booking coordinator, for being our guest blogger this week. He and his wife welcomed their first child Zoe (pictured), earlier this year.