Clients Are Looking For Crews With These Skills

Clients Are Looking For Crews With These Skills

Clients Are Looking For Crews With These Skills 800 544 Alicia East

Just when you’ve mastered your craft, 2020 comes along, everything just up and goes virtual on us, and you have to stretch your creative muscles again. Speaking of crafts, maybe you’re doing more of them with your kids while missing the craft services on set? If it’s any solace, let’s just remember that the crudités and bite-sized cheesecake squares on set are only okay. And also that there’s still work for crews with the rise of virtual events and virtual productions.

While in-person conferences often need in-person videographers, online events need virtual crews! You might film or produce from afar or provide pre-produced videos to help the brand convey the exact message they want. There’s still work. Clients just need to know you can handle it. And while even celebrities have taken to recording Zoom calls and doing some fancy post-production for remarkably watchable content, Zoom is not our savior. Nope. It works well enough for some situations, but as we talked about here,  you can have professional, pre-pandemic quality footage without showing up in person.

Can you do any of these?

Remote Event Production – As a virtual event’s point person, this role is responsible for setting up the event within your platform, managing the live event, and dealing with any glitches.

Remote Producing / remote shooter – We went into some of the ways to do a shoot from afar here. Maybe you have others. 

Either way, update your profile  at Crew Connection with all your remote/virtual capabilities so clients know you can pull off a kickin’ shoot without wearing any kicks!

Raise a Glass!

Yes, you’re meeting the moment by going virtual, but these skills will benefit you from now into the ever after. You don’t have sit this thing out until Pfizer, Moderna, and Dolly Parton save the day. And just because you don’t get to grab a catering cookie on your way to the next shot doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of your own. Grab some freezer quiche bites and a slice of  your favorite Cheesecake Factory item to go and raise a glass to the future of production!