Are you spending too much time on accounting tasks?


In the media production industry, most of us wear multiple hats on a daily basis. Often, one of those hats is full of bills that need paid. With Crew Connection, that doesn’t necessarily have to take a big portion of your day.

At the bottom of every estimate, we include an optional Purchase Order Number field that you can fill out before hitting the Accept button. This ensures that the correct PO number is attached to the project all the way from inception to invoice.

Are you spending too much time on accounting tasks?

We made the PO number field optional because we understand that every project is unique. That’s also why we also added the ability to send the estimate to your accounting department before accepting it on CrewCloud. Just use the Open as PDF link at the bottom left of the estimate to download a PDF of the estimate to share as needed.

Are you spending too much time on accounting tasks?

If you don’t have a PO number and you’re ready to get your project started, go ahead and accept the estimate. You can reach out to us at absolutely any time to update your invoice with the right PO number—even after we’ve already sent you the invoice! There is no limit to the type or number of characters you can use in your PO number.

If you have any questions about using PO numbers on Crew Connection’s or need to get in touch with a crew coordinator about an invoice, shoot us an email or call 303-526-4900 any time.

Streamline your payment process, eliminate paperwork, and take back your day with Crew Connection. Sign up for free to give it a try today!

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