Everything you should know about drone crews

Here’s why and how to hire a drone operator for your next shoot.

How to hire a drone crew

It’s as easy as a few clicks on Crew Connection’s custom international database of video production people and services.

When you sign up for Crew Connection, you can search video crews local to your next shoot location. Narrow your results by gear and services, such as drone crews. From there, contact crews via our secure messaging system, compare cost estimates, and keep track of invoices without ever leaving your personal account! No matter how big the crew, complicated the gear, or far-flung the locale—Crew Connection has what you need in just a few clicks.



The benefits of hiring a drone for commercial use

1. More affordability

Not long ago, epic aerial shots required an extra long jib or a manned helicopter, both of which put them well out of reach for the average production’s budget. Now all you need is a skilled drone operator who is willing to put their camera gear a couple hundred feet in the air.

2. Less hassle

Just as the rise of UAs made arial shots more affordable, the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) strict rules on commercial operation kept them frustratingly out of reach. As the regulations relax, productions can skip the strict permitting processes, further opening the door to easy aerial photography.

3. Better quality operators

As regulations get easier, competition among video crews will get stiffer. That means drone operators will get better at their craft and you’ll start to see a lot more highly-skilled operators. So along with more affordability and less hassle, you’re going to get higher-quality images.

4. Better quality equipment

Aircraft technology continues to improve right alongside the increased demand for aerial images. As the equipment gets better and drone operators become more skilled, they’ll be more and more comfortable putting their 4K cameras into the air, rather than stopping at a GoPro or DSLR.

5. Easier/quicker to find crews

All of the above add up to a new normal in the video production industry. Production companies all over the world will offer aerial footage as a regular service. That means you won’t have to dig as deep into your contacts or your pockets to find crews who can provide all the coverage you want.