The Woman Behind the Invisible Lens


  “I feel empowered when I’m holding a camera,” Susu Hauser, adventurer, world-traveler, filmmaker, TV industry veteran, wife and cinematographer says with a gleam of pride in her eye. And she should feel proud. As one of the few female Read More

Light up your holiday with our fav 4th of July Movies


With July 4th quickly approaching, we wanted to take a moment to reminisce about our favorite Fourth of July movies that capture the essence of Independence Day in America. With characters fighting for a cause, uniting humanity and celebrating wholesome Read More

A great demo reel wins the job every time


As filmmakers and video professionals we are designed to tell stories. We are driven to capture images that convey a message, a philosophy or an emotion and sway the viewer into sharing our perspective. A demo reel is a chance Read More